My fists connect with the mahogany desk and Rhode, my administrator from the pack council jumps in fright.

“What did you say?” I growl as I lean over the table and stare into Rhode’s face.

Rhode blinks rapidly, pushes up his glasses and opens his mouth to speak. But when his eyes fall on the dent I made on the desk, his words come out more as a squeak.

“Um…Beta Laurel Moon applied for a few days’ leave.”

I frown. This has never happened before. Laurel has never taken leave from work in all her years as a Beta. Is she still upset with me? Is it because I slept with her sister?

‘Of course, it is you dickhead,’ Apollo chides at me. ‘You bedded her sister…of all women.’

I sigh and wave Rhode off.

He immediately scampers out of my chamber, almost bumping into the wall on the way. This guy is the only omega in my pack who wears glasses and still walks into walls.

Apollo continues, ‘She didn’t even want to apply for her leave directly from you. I’m telling you Heli
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