16 No Strings, Touch Me


Luca broke the kiss and stared into my eyes. I was breathing hard, and I knew my eyes reflected what I wanted. I did not want him to stop; he knew it, so he crashed his lips against mine and continued. Who needs butterflies when I have the entire zoo in my stomach? His scent filled my senses, and he tasted so sweet. That I had been pleasure starved for months did not help either. I did not know how much I was dying for his touch until this. I wanted him to touch me. He laid me on his bed and continued to kiss me, then he travelled with his kisses down my neck. I moaned. My panties were soaked. I could smell my arousal, so I knew he could too.

He took off my shirt, and I eagerly let him. I wasn't thinking at those moments. I just wanted him. I wanted all of him.

"Luca," I moaned and felt his mouth on my nipple. I arched my back into the bed to give him more access, and he touched my other breast in his hand and worked on my nipple. It felt so damn sweet, and I loved it.

I ra
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