60 Torn


Everything was spiralling out of control before my eyes. I did not know what to do. I knew it wouldn't be easy, so I did not think things through. Luca hated me, and I knew he had every right to feel that way. Living with a secret for years was hard, and not having anyone to tell or talk to about it was difficult. I did not lie to Lacy when I said I loved her. I really did, but I felt obligated to Karolyn. She never moved on, and her health was thought of concern. I knew Lacy would not accept the twins. That was why I kept Karolyn around so she could take care of them. She blackmailed me for years until I had no choice but to dance to her tune. I could not let my father down and did not want to abandon my sons. As twisted as the situation was. I loved both women. I loved Lacy, and I loved Karolyn. Karolyn was my first, and Lacy was my soulmate and backbone. Leaving her wasn't easy and still isn't. Sometimes I lay in bed wondering what she was doing and how she felt. I did not kn
Karima Sa'ad Usman

I hope this gives a better picture. Thank you, S.V and Serenity, for keeping the energy up. I am grateful to everyone reading and supporting this book.

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Karima Sa'ad Usman
you are welcome. thank you keeping the story's energy up.
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I just hope Theo can make it to Luca before they kill him. Thanks for the update ......

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