75 Theo's Remorse


Seeing Lacy made me ashamed of myself. Her outburst in the warehouse was understandable. I was the douchebag that left my wife for my ex-wife. Whatever my excuse was, her reaction was valid. I didn't think when I did what I did.

The mind was funny and did not function like reality. Things seemed easy when processed in the mind, and solutions were quick to come by, but in reality, it was shit: stupidity and nonsense, and that was precisely what I had done.

I had imagined that I would go and come back when Karolyn died. I had imagined that I would explain to Lacy that she was dying, and I somehow felt responsible for her and did not want her to die alone. That was why I went to her; Lacy would be okay with it. It all worked out well in my head but not so much in reality.

I had imagined I would tell Lacy that I did not touch her; I just did not want her to be alone through the most challenging time of her life because I felt I owed Karolyn at least that, and Lacy would be unde
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