87 Reconciliation 


I had my heart in my mouth all through the night. I prayed to the goddess to keep them safe. Mathias and his wife were with me in our house, but I couldn't focus. Knowing that there would be a fight and Theo and my son would be there scared me. I was mad at Emma for following, but I knew she would not agree to remain as I did. I just had to hope that the goddess would make it easy and they come home to me. Katya had fallen asleep on the couch, and I linked Miranda to take her to her room. Every time Mathais or Leonard's phone rang, I was on alert. I could hear the pounding beat of my heart. I was afraid, and I dreaded the worse happening. I prayed to the goddess to protect them and bless them. I promised to be more forgiving and quick to let things go. I promised to express myself a bit more if she brought them home to me safely. Leonardo's phone rang at ten in the night, and my brother had to keep the suspense high by walking away from the living room to answer the call. I knew
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Glad no one on their side died

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