[ Alexander ]

I mind link Nolan and Chase to follow me inside the room if it means to imprison Zurus.We all rushes inside her room and my heartbeats stop when I find Alicia's room empty.There is no sign of my daughter or Victoria.

She has fled through another secret passage but where is the door because other than bathroom, I can't find another passage .

" we can't loose her. We can't loose another child or I won't forgive myself.She fooled us and we trusted that bitch."Felicity breaks down.

"My princess please don't cry.I promise you that I'll find the old bitch from the core of the earth."Hercules consoles her whereas my condition is no different from hers.

Many horrible thoughts cross my mind.These siblings used our dead son to perform a taboo ritual.

"Alex come here and look at this."Chase shouts and we all rush to him who has opened the cupboard.

"What is it Chase?"Fel asks him desperately.

"I can't see anything here.It is a cupboard."I say as my mind isn't able
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