Chapter 33 - A New Life

I travelled back and forth for a few months, not really knowing what I wanted to do now I no longer had a coven to take care of me, the envelope my mother gave me before I left was directions to a cottage along the east coast, far enough away from here that I could live peacefully, unnoticed. I woke up today and felt something different about the air, the sunrise was a deep shade of orange, and there was a chill in the air, the morning dew was cold, something had happened in the night that affected the Earth energy around me. I brushed it off and went to do my usual morning rounds of gathering, I would pick different herbs and flowers in the nearby area to put in my potions, it didn’t matter where I was in the world, I still loved to experiment with different medicines and ointments. I had nearly finished for the day when I was startled by an ear splitting scream from nearby… someone was hurt, in pain… I ran as fast as I could following the screams and found a woman on her own. She wa
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