Chapter 35 - A Winter Wedding

Narcia’s P.O.V.

Time went by, the autumn leaves withered and wilted. Eventually the trees were bare, and the mornings we cold and crisp. The whole pack had been filled with the excited buzz of Mila and Damon’s upcoming wedding. With everything that had happened this past year and Mila’s belly growing bigger every day, they decided they would rather have the wedding sooner, while it was still just the two of them. December came around, the winter snow started to fall and every day gone was another day closer to the wedding, and the imminent arrival of the baby. I had spent as much time with Mila as I could, helping her with different tonics and potions to help with her ever growing list of pregnancy ailments, her bump was large, even for a wolf, and even the simplest of tasks for Mila required more effort than she had spare. The day before the wedding was spent pampering her, taking her mind off of everything and just letting her be the blushing bride and happy mother-to-be. I too was
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