07~ An agreement

When Jack heard Damian’s words, his lips twitched. ‘Since when does Damian keep women as his pets? He just sleeps with them but never keeps them around him.’

He studied Damian’s unreadable face and saw a glint in his eyes. After a thought, he looked at the small woman who was trembling and glaring at Damian in anger.

Jack realized Damian was having fun riling the girl up.

Evelyn’s hope was ignited when Damian suggested voting. There’s no way her family would sell her off. Even if they used her money, they still cared about her.

But her heart dropped the next second. Her aunt, uncle and Mark both raised their hands, making her stomach twist painfully.

Was she about to be sold out by her own family? It wasn’t going to surprise her anymore. They had proved to be capable of anything.

To be honest, she thought they would fight to protect her. Feeling betrayed, a sharp pang of pain rippled through her chest.

She wanted to resist and say she wasn’t obligated to do this, but she re

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Suzie Butler Evan
Looks like I will read a chapter a or two a day. First Mafia book I have read. Interesting, but now getting to to the good stuff. Glad he is jealous!

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