51~ Do anything for her

Evelyn had just walked into the ward and happened to hear the last part of Damian’s and Jack’s conversation.

She heard how they were looking for someone to send as an undercover to Zach’s territory but they were also worried that no one will be willing. A lightbulb went off in her head and she offered herself instantly, wanting to help Damian get rid of Zach.

“What did you say?”

Damian’s voice boomed in the room. His eyes squinted and his voice turned icy.

Evelyn shifted in her stance but she kept her cool. “I said I’m willing to be your spy. You can send me to get the evidence you need. I can do-”

“Not happening. End of discussion.” Damian said coldly.

“Why not? I’m just trying to help you.” Evelyn said, her chest heaving.

“I’m not risking your life, kitten. You’re not going anywhere and that’s final.” Damian said in a tone of finality, his jaw clenched.

Jack stared between the two and stood up from his seat. “I’ll give you two some privacy.”

The couple didn’t acknowle

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