52~ Revenge

“Boss we caught Damian’s woman outside the club right now. She said she is looking for you. What should we do with her?”

Zach was in his office smoking his joint as usual when his right-hand man, Rogers came in and reported to him.

He raised an eyebrow upon hearing his words.

“Really? What is she doing here?”

“I don’t know. I thought she was up to something so I locked her up in the basement but she insists on meeting you saying it’s important.”

Zach chuckled in mockery. “Interesting. Has Damian suddenly lost his mind and sent his precious woman to me?”

A glint passed through his eyes and he smirked. “Bring her to me. Let’s hear what she has to say.”

“Right away boss.” Rogers bowed slightly and left to get Evelyn.

Zach stroked his chin with two fingers, playing with his beard. He had a calculating gaze in his eyes.

When he planned to trap Damian the last time, he didn’t expect his men to arrive soon because he had sent some men to cause trouble and delay them.

But he

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