10 Meet Sylvester Volkov 


After waiting for hours in a room unattended, we were carried to what looked like a throne room and forced to kneel. To my surprise, I saw alphas' daughters and sisters from our region in chains, kneeling. We were made to kneel with our heads bowed.

"The Alpha will examine you all. Those fit for his harem will be chosen. Those fit to serve will be chosen. Those yet to be placed will be reserved. Do not aggravate the Alpha by smiling or looking into his eyes. It might mean instant death for you. Being a beautiful, alluring woman means nothing to him. So do not think your beauty will entice him. If you aren't a virgin, quickly state it, so we do not put you in the harem," a hefty dark man said.

He had long hair and a beard too. He packed it in a ponytail. His eyes were midnight blue, and He looked handsome. From the authority he exuded, if he wasn't the Alpha, then I was guessing he was the Beta, and it seemed Avery had the hots for the man. Too bad there was nothing attractiv
Karima Sa'ad Usman

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Theresa Pollock
love this strong luna.
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Shanna Eskelson
Loving this so far
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dulce rodriguez
I had stopped reading on her for a while bc the stories became repetitive but I came across this story on IG and I'm hooked, I'm glad the algorithm does what it's supposed too lol loving the story so far and looking forward to what's next

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