Meeting an Angel

I actually didn’t care about it much. I’m here to work not to date so the rule, even if it exists, wouldn’t have an impact on me anyways. I guess the people who were overly worried about it wanted to find their soulmate in this place, not that I blamed them. This company was huge and had many qualified employees; it wasn’t a bad place to find your significant other.

The woman on stage cleared her throat and the murmurs in the auditorium came to a halt. Her face was dead serious as she scanned her eyes across the crowd of audiences in front of her.

“What you understand is correct. Employees in this company are not allowed to date or have any type of romantic relationship with another employee. Anyone caught breaking this rule, will face immediate termination. I hope that I have made myself and the rule extremely clear to all of you,” the woman said, continuing to stress on her every word.

Everyone in the crowd, including myself nodded our heads as the situation got serious and tension
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