Somewhere Only He Knows

“Huh? How can you have something like that?” I asked in shock.

What amazed me more than the private jet was the fact that Ace never failed to amaze and surprise me over and over again.

“The office got one made for you for business purposes, right? Remember?” Ace asked as he waved a passport book in front of me.

Shit. I totally forgot about that. How loosely does the company manage these documents? Ace can get his hands on anything so easily…

“Where are we going?” I asked once again.

“Get on and I’ll tell you,” Ace said teasingly before winking at me.

“What if I told you that I don’t want to go?” I asked as I refused to follow him.

“I wouldn’t believe you even if you did. Get on, you’ll want to go where I’m about to take you,” Ace said with certainty.

Where is he going to take me? Just where is this flight bound for?

While I was still debating my very limited options to myself, Ace heaved an impatient sigh before turning to face me directly.

“Rina, if you don’t get on the plane on
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