Leaning On Him

“…Yes, of course,” I replied as I tried to keep my voice from shaking.

We haven’t even gone inside yet so I knew that this was nothing. Being a dog and animal lover did not work in my favor at all for this case because it made me feel more sensitive to what I was about to see than normal. However, this was work and don’t people say that understanding the problem is the first step to solving it?

Suddenly, a man with grey hair approached the gate. Rung quickly greeted the man in their local language and the man laughed carefreely as he unlocked the gates for us and welcomed us in. Ace and I both smiled at the man in greeting before we were led inside. There was a small unkept yard between the gate and the main building. The place seemed to resemble more of a single-story warehouse than a building and it was clear that that was where the dogs were being kept.

Rung continued conversing with the man who I assumed was the owner of the farm before he turned to smile at us reassuringly. We
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