Little Note Wolfe’s, new characters are about to be introduced, so I will be putting POV for whose point of view ill is speaking from.

(Marcus POV)

Elena. She is so beautiful. Her very name means Light itself. I have loved her since the day I first met her 10 years ago. We were both still kids at the time. I was eight and she was only four. She is the most beautiful of all the people I know. I remember falling and hurt my knee from playing around outside. She came up to me and kissed my knee and told me it would all be okay. I knew right then, the moon goddess made her for me. I tried to make sure I was in her life as much as possible after that. She and my sister Jan became close. I loved it. My sister knew how I felt about her. However, I had to keep my thoughts to myself. As the beta of the pack, it isn't a good look whoring around with all the pack sluts, I prefer Daniel to do it. His nature. Not mine. I knew she was my mate about a week before her father's incident, when I turned 18. I went over to her house to visit Lynx to play Call of Duty when the best smell hit my nose before I even opened the door.

 The smell of fresh pine and honey was coming from inside her house, and I knew it would draw me to her. All I can hear my wolf Isaac say over and over is Mate Mate Mark Mate. She was sitting in the kitchen with her brown hair to one side. Once those Jewel blue eyes looked at me, it was all over. I wanted to mark her on the spot, but her father called her before I even reached her, and she was out the door quickly. Since then, I have been trying to contain my wolf, Isaac. My wolf was out of control. Especially since he was forced to submit by David and hold her down while David beat her. I could sense her pain and it just made me want to pull her in my arms and kiss away all her wounds. When David threw her body on the pavement, I went back to get her, patched her up and said the nurse did it, and I took her home. I saw the terrible state her body was in. I called her family nurse on the way to meet me there. I commanded the nurse not to let anyone know I was the one that brought her. After a few hours, I got a mind link that someone was attacking pack members at her house. I get to her house, along with a few others, and see her on the floor covered in blood and I hear her mother's shit excuse saying Elena did it. I saw Elena's injuries before all of that. 

I knew there was no way in hell she did because she had no wolf. My wolf would have sensed her, but no one knew she was my moon blessed mate, so I couldn't save her. I decided I had to wait on the sidelines and see how things went. I made jokes to David about how she should be a maid instead, because we couldn't laugh at her from the cells. I knew he would tell his father to make her a servant. I had to get my baby out of those cells. Her brother lynx and my sister would always come from the cells laughing about how they hit her or wounded her. My wolf was so upset, I growled at them both and left. I didn't speak to them for weeks, and they left me to be. I made sure to avoid her as best as I could while working from the sidelines to find out what happened to her dad, but I got nothing. There was nothing I could do.

 Tonight, is Elena's 18th birthday and I knew she had her wolf. It was a matter of time before her she-wolf recognized me as her mate. I was so happy. All day Isaac was jumping around, ready to mark and claim his mate. I had made a plan to get her out of here. We were going to run away from this awful pack. I could care less about them or my status. Not even my sister, who has turned into a hateful bitch with Lynx as her mate. We all got a mind link tonight telling us to meet at the servant's quarters with weapons. I rushed there with everyone thinking they were under attack, but it was just the alpha, my sister, lynx, his mom, and David there, and in the middle looked like a lifeless Elena. 

I'm so scared she is dead, but I see movement and I know she is alive. Just as I'm about to go to her, David's mind links me with his alpha voice and commands me to stay away from her and stay silent or he will kill my sister and mom in cold blood. I know he will and since he is the alpha's son. I have no choice but to obey. My wolf is struggling to get out. Then the alpha makes his statement and the next thing I know, everyone other than the help is beating on her. 

Her eyes meet mine and I can't help but cry as I try to fight against the alpha's command to get to her. Everyone enjoys hitting my mate. She looks at me, and I can see her say, mate. She is begging me to save her, and I can't. All I can do is cry. I'm sure David can feel my struggle against his command, and I know he had already put the pieces together. I looked at him, my eyes full of hatred for him. He minds link me to reject her if she does awake from this or it will be my family's head on a platter and to turn around and walk away. So, he must have put it together. He knew she was my mate. He probably has always known. His alpha command is strong. I may be a beta, stronger than most, but I am not stronger than he is. I've never felt so defeated in my life. I give my pretty girl one last look before I do, wishing to the moon goddess, she makes it out of this alive, even though I know if she does, she will never forgive me, and I will never be able to live with myself. 

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