Last Day

Elena POV

During the meeting, I remained silent up until Serene came in and I saw how Alpha Ned was towards her. I am so afraid that when I leave, she will be forced to stay behind and endure the same punishments I had to for years. However, when Gamma Nate claimed her as his mate, I was so relieved, all I could do was silently cry. Roland must have sensed my rising stress and I also wanted to hear what she wanted to say. She wanted to tell Roland what they did to me. I was so scared she would be putting an even worse target on her back from this shitty pack, but I knew she was right. He had to know, and I wasn't able to tell him. Even thinking about it, made so much anger start to rise. Serene took my hand and Roland's and just he through my memories. I could feel his reaction to them. However, when he got to my memories of the moon goddess, I saw Serene start to convulse and shake. I started to pull away but both she and Roland held my hands tighter, and I was brought back to my mem
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