Lucinda couldn’t walk well because she was still trying to process everything; the moving people, the vehicles, the fresh breeze blowing through her skin, the beautiful morning sky, which was completely different from that of hell. She was looking at the sky without looking where she was going. She bumped into a man. His head hit the armor she was wearing. He clutched his forehead and stared at her in anger.

"Hey, miss, watch where you are going." He said to Lucinda, who was scrutinizing the whole earth.

"Hey! I am talking to you!" He roared at her, but she couldn’t hear him. She was lost in her own world.

"Ugh!" He groaned, rubbing his forehead, and stomped away. She looked at the singing birds in the sky and then at the people as they were all walking to their different destinations. She was hearing different sounds at the same time; the sounds of the passing vehicles, the sounds the people were making with their feet, and the voices of socializing people. Medusa heard music coming from a bar across the street and saw a woman walking into the bar. She smiled and grasped, Lucinda’s hand dragging her toward the bar.

"Let's go drink." She said.

"My husband never allowed me to drink back at home, and I won't now," Lucinda stated, pulling her hand out of Medusa’s grip. They were already standing at the entrance.

"Just try alcohol at least once, my queen." Medusa said, looking at Lucinda with pleading eyes. Lucinda snorted and followed her into the busy bar. People were sitting around drinking and chatting. Drinks were flowing to every table. Medusa took her to the bar area and rested her hand on the counter, looking at the average-looking waiter behind the counter.

"What is this place?" Lucinda inquired.

"It’s a bar, ma’am, what do you want?" He questioned mixing drinks.

"I want a cocktail." Medusa ordered. The waiter started mixing the cocktail, observing Lucinda, who was looking around the bar, not knowing the whole bar was talking about her.

"Wow! Who is that beauty goddess with the flawless skin?" A man stated, pointing at Lucinda.

"Her hair is so beautiful and long... I wonder why she is wearing armor." Another one added.

"Her eyes are captivating; I don't think she is a human but an angel." A man commented.

Medusa took the cocktail, drank it all in one go, and brought out a small bag. She took money out of the bag and gave it to the waiter. Lucinda caught the gesture with narrowed eyes.

"What's that? What did you just give him?" She asked, staring at Medusa's bag.

"Oh that, it's called money." Medusa replied, giving Lucinda a dollar. Lucinda quickly took the money from her, glancing at it with wide eyes.

"What's money?" she asked in a dumb way.

"It's what humans use to buy things. They use it to measure their wealth. If you don't have money, here you can't buy anything or go anywhere." Medusa explained.

"Money... is such a powerful piece of paper; how do I get one?" Lucinda asked.

"Here you have to work to earn money and each note has its own value. Anyone that has millions of these notes is rich." Medusa said with a toothy smile.  

"What do you mean by working?" Lucinda inquired. Medusa placed her hand on her forehead. She was tired of the questions she was asking her, but she had no option but to answer.

"Working means, you look for a job in which you will be helping someone to do one thing or the other in exchange for money." Medusa stated. Lucinda's brows draw into a frown.

"Life on earth is so hard, back in hell there was no such thing as money." Lucinda grinned.

"You can get whatever you want whenever you want it…I miss hell." Lucinda said, she wasn’t pleased with what she was seeing. Medusa noticed the whole bar was staring at Lucinda. A man started approaching them. She grabbed Lucinda’s hand and hauled her out of the bar before the man could get to them.

"Aw, my wrist! Why did you pull me so hard?" Lucinda questioned, pulling her hand out of Medusa’s grip as they got to the entrance of the bar.

"Sorry, my queen, you were the center of attention in the bar. Everyone was talking about you in there; people go crazy when they see beautiful ladies like you." Medusa stated

"I am glad you came with me, and how did you know so much about humans?" She asked

"I know because I have been on missions to earth. You know, this is not my first time on earth." She explained. Lucinda pursed her lips, peering around.

"So where are we going now? We have no roof over our heads, and we haven't found the human I came here for yet." Lucinda muttered.

"Let’s take one step at a time, my queen. Earth is a very big place. It’s another planet on its own." Medusa said, spreading her hands in the air.

"Let's settle down and explore first. We will find him tomorrow." Medusa assured.

"If I knew about money, I would have taken a fortune from my husband... He would have had a lot of money." Lucinda said, walking down the road. Medusa ran after her.

"I don't have enough money to buy a house for us to live in…I forgot about money. We can still ask your husband for money." Medusa said, her ears rising as she heard footsteps behind them. She spotted two suspicious guys following them. One of them was holding a pen knife. She gasped, walking backward. Lucinda was still talking as she walked.

"My queen, I see some bad guys following us..." Medusa said, staring at Lucinda. Lucinda halted looking back at the guys. She trailed their eyes to her armor.

"Uh, I think they are staring at my armor." She said, biting her lower lip. Medusa gasped with her mouth slightly open. "Oh shit! Is your armor real gold?" Medusa questioned.

"Of course, my husband had it made for me." Lucinda assured.

"Um, I think we need to get out of here. Gold is very valuable on Earth; it's worth a lot of money," Medusa said, making gestures at Lucinda. They both started running down the street away from the guys.

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