"Alright, that's a deal," he said, with a smirk, and stretched his hand forward. Medusa strolled up to him and shook him hard, smiling at him. He withdrew his hand, glancing at it.

Medusa looked at the shopping bags on the floor and started opening the small bag around her neck.

"Wait, are you going to pay in cash?" he asked

"Of course, what else should I pay with?" Medusa inquired, rolling her eyes at him.

"I thought you were going to do a transfer." He muttered.

"What's a transfer?" Medusa and Lucinda chorused.

"Forget about it, weirdos," he said, and snatched the cash Medusa was holding, looking at them in a suspicious way.

"I will count the money later, but I brought the documents for you to sign." He said.

"Sign these documents," he added, handing them to Medusa, who reluctantly took them from him, wondering where the papers came from.

"Give me your pen," Medusa said. He gave her a black pen. She strolled to the center table and squatted down, signing the papers, one after the
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