Ten years later…….

Gabriella woke up that morning on her bed very excited. She was so excited that she could feel her purse jubilating. She went to help Elena; her mom in the kitchen.

She kept smiling to herself unconsciously and this made her mother curious and so she asked Gabriella what brought such a radiant smile to her darling daughter's face.

"My love! Can you share with me what's making you this joyous," Elena asked.

"Mom, do you really want to know?" Gabriella giggled and smiled continuously.

"I'm Gabriella, please tell me," Elena answered.

"Mom, Richard is returning back from London today," Gabriella replied blushing.

Elena however was not as happy as her daughter upon hearing the news. Her smile disappeared as soon as she remembered something.

"Are you sure he would remember you," she asked cautiously. She knew the subject was a dangerous one and so she approached it with caution.

Even if his parents had asked him to contact her daughter, ten years was a very long time not to do so.

And besides, the deal between Richard and his parents had ended when he graduated from College so why didn't he for once get in contact with Gabriella if he truly loved her like her daughter thought.

Gabriella sighed and her joyous mood diminished immediately. "Why would he not remember me mom,” she asked irritably.

Her mother had tried to discourage her from keeping the promise she made to Richard multiple times but she refused to do so.

“We made a promise to one another to stay together forever and I waited for him this long; I’m sure he would do the same, we share an undying love," Gabriella responded.

"My darling! I want your heart secured and unhurt. That's why I asked and you should know how our status is compared to theirs, they are billionaires and we are just servants, that's just the honest truth you have to understand," Elena explained bitterly.

She had witnessed many love stories end because of the gap in status. She was just looking out for Gabriella as she didn’t want her to get hurt.

Gabriella gasped. "I know Richard loves me mom, he told me so , he does not care about the gap of status between us. He loves me for me and he is ready to fight the world for us," she said bitterly to the point where tears dropped from her eyes down to her check without her being aware.

She groaned in anger and left to her room, locking herself in it.

"My God," muttered Elena. She felt a lot of agony seeing her daughter this vulnerable but she had to tell the truth for her to be prepared for whatever might happen.

‘I’m just a mother trying to care for her only child," Elena mumbled to herself.

Meanwhile in her room, Gabriella was lost in thought of her mother's words to her. She had doubts but she was still hopeful it would be a great night for her cause Richard would keep the promise he made to her.

He just had to keep his promise to her!


"Sir, your mom has been trying to get across to you," his secretary informed as she shook in fear before his boss.

Simon looked up from the files he was reading and glared at his secretary making the latter shake even more.

"How many times have I told you that you shouldn't disturb me for a matter like this?" He asked in a cold and menacing tone.

"Sir I'm sorry but I couldn't ignore your mother's calls as she wouldn't spare me," the secretary explained, praying inwardly that his boss would understand.

Simon's family were not one to mess with. Even though Simon was his boss, he was stupid to offend the rest of his boss family as they would wipe him off the face of the earth without anyone knowing.

Simon sighed as he knew that his secretary was right. His mother could be really persuasive and she always got what she wanted.

"What did she say?" He asked.

"That she wants to see you. She says she's coming to your house," his secretary said.

"Okay, let's get ready to leave," Simon said.


There were a lot of lights at the villa,it was decorated with the finest of lights and colors, happiness was alarmingly felt in every corner of the villa, and laughter echoed everywhere.

Rosella and Roberto were super excited on hearing their only son was returning home to them after ten long years, so they organized a huge welcome party for their son.

The party had been the talk of the town before D-day of Richard's arrival because Rosella had everything done in its finest quality to the finest of wine to the finest of cuisine.

She hired the finest bands and finest planners. She was so specific on every little thing that needed to be done for her son's arrival to be the best of the best.

She checked over again for any faults to be corrected and she lost her temper even when she noticed the littlest of fault.

Aside from her son's welcome party, she had other reasons for her exquisite preparation.

Rosella was a woman who loved having the high quality look around people so she took any extra time in making the party a memorable experience to promote her social status double the size amongst her billionaire friends as she wanted to be unbeatable.

With all the fuss Rosella was having about the party, Roberto was just anticipating to see his son after ten long years, he was anxious of the events which would have taken place in his son's life.

He wanted to know everything because they weren't able to really communicate alot after he left for London with his heart filled with so much hurt and rage.

‘It's ten years already that's should be a thing of the past,’ he muttered to himself

Roberto sighed, "I miss our son Rosella, I can not wait to see him after all these years, I wonder how he looks now" he smiled to himself while talking to Rosella.

"Oh Roberto he must be looking so handsome. He is your son after all,” Rosella answered.

Roberto smiled hearing his wife’s compliment. "Come here my beautiful wife,"

Rosella went closer to him, he took a deep breath and hugged Rosella so tightly. "Don’t worry about my love, he will be fine," she said to him.


Two hours later, Gabriella and her mother arrived at the villa. Rosella saw them both,she walked towards them with a smirk and a hateful look on her face.

"And why are you late Elena," Rosella asked coldly. She would have fired her a long time ago if not the fact that her husband didn’t support that decision.

"I am sorry madam, Gabriella was slightly unwell," Elena lied.

Rosella rolled her eyes at Elena’s excuse, while still looking at both of them with hatred.

"What are you waiting for Elena,there are lots of things to do?" she said scornfully.

"Of course madam," Elena replied with a smile on her face. She was unaffected by Rosella's look as she had gotten used to it after all, she had been working for them for over twenty five years.

Elena walked away to her chores and Gabriella as usual followed her mother to lend her a hand.

A few minutes passed and Rosella walked towards Gabriella and Elena while they were carrying out their chores and found them laughing and happy about something.

"What's the laughter about," Rosella asked scornfully.

"Why do you want to know," Gabriella responded in the same scornful way that Rosella asked her.

"I see you talk rudely now, is this the value you gave her, Elena?" Rosella chided. She wondered what happened that she hadn’t ordered her men to kill her.

"She is sorry madam," Elena responded respectfully.

Seeing that Elena had apologized, Rosella decided to let it go. She then smiled and said,"I see you are all dressed up fancily, Is there an event?”

"My best friend is returning today and I got all dressed up for him," Gabriella replied excitedly.

Rosella laughed hysterically. "Oh your best friend? The same best friend that did not bother to contact you for once in ten years?”

Gabriella felt hurt at Rosella’s statement but consoled herself with the thoughts of Richard. and thought of the reason why Rosella hated her so much.

It was true that Richard didn’t contact her throughout this ten years but she didn’t blame him. He had been so busy throughout the years. She had seen him handling his father’s empire abroad and she was impressed with what she saw as he had taken it to great heights.

Rosella was still laughing hysterically, then she said “I hope you do not get shattered a little tonight” then she smirked at her again and left Gabriella and Elena to themselves.

But little did Gabriella know she had a lot coming her way but still had hope and happiness within her despite all Rosella said to her. Her words got Gabriella lost in her thoughts.

"What does she mean by me getting shattered?" she asked herself.

"You really do not have to take Rosella's words seriously. You of all people should know that she would say anything to hurt you as she does not want you around," Elena reminded.

"I really do not understand why she despises me so much," Gabriella said in anger.

"It’s because you are a rare gem Gabriella," Elena praised.

Hearing her mother praise her lifted Gabriella’s mood again. "Let us get back to our chores.”

She decided not to let Rosella’s words get to her as she had that strong belief that Richard would make everything right again, she was prepared to face anything Rosella might bring to taunt her, and she smiled to herself, lost in the reminisce of her love.

Gabriella chuckled with excitement. "Oh mom! I really can not wait to see him, it is like my heart is about to burst out of my chest," she said daydreaming.

Even though Elena smiled at her daughter, she was worried on the inside and she was desperately hoping the night would turn out lovely for her daughter.

"My love, You would certainly do great tonight," she said, giving her daughter hope and courage to face all obstacles even though she was scared for her because of their social status and how rich the Gray family were.

Thinking they can not reach their caliber not in a thousand decades but did not say her thoughts out loud not to jinx her daughter's happiness, cause she has not seen her this happy or excited in a long time

They continued the chores and with the whole conversation going on they had gone far handling the cuisines for the party and cleaning the exquisite antiques round the villa.

Elena smiled to herself knowing how relaxing she will feel having Rosella around and not having her taunt her about everything.

But Gabriella was unbothered about that and continued dwelling in her imagination about her precious Richard. Then she suddenly remembered she wanted to clean up herself again

"Mom! I will be back soon," she ran happily.

"But Gabby!" Elena smiled giving up on her

"That girl can be too much sometimes," she murmured to herself.

"I will just get done with the rest of the chores" she murmured once more.

Gabriella was cleaning up then she got another flash of Richard when they had their last kiss when he left, she got in her feelings once more.

"I really can not wait to see Richard anymore," she murmured to herself

"Or rather perhaps I'm overdoing it, in showing how I feel from within," she said leaving herself filled with thongs of questions.

She got done cleaning and went back to help her mom with the chores.

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