Worst welcome

Rain's rage was fuming but he had to ignore this slut woman and focus on explaining things to Ketra before she changed her mind as he could see all the disappointment in her eyes.

Later, he could deal with her and teach her a lesson that other women will take as an example.

Acting on impulse, he suppressed Grace with his alpha aura as he didn't want her to move before Ketra forgives him and suggests her punishment.

He certainly knew that the only help he had now was the mate bond so he hurriedly ran over to her and embraced her tightly with all his emotions speaking through their body connection.

"Give me a chance to explain this to you, honey. Don't you want to listen to what I have to say before you decide to leave me? I can't bear that and you know it." Rain whispered his last sentence knowing very well that Ketra understood that part.

"What do you have to explain? Isn't it evident that you two have something going on?" Ketra retorted, Rain's embrace was so tight on her that she ba
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