#Chapter105 Date

Claire and her parents left the room and Candido directed them to meet with the staff to arrange dinner for them that night and Francium.

“We’ll talk more about you returning to school when this is all over, later.”

Claire’s lips twitched and she nodded. “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

“Enjoy dinner,” I said, waving them goodbye.

“Hedy,” I turned to look at Candido. “Will you join me for dinner? There’s… a new restaurant I think you will enjoy.”

My heart fluttered and I pressed closer to him. “Like a date?”

His eyes softened and he nodded. “Like a date.”

I nodded, “I’ll go up and get ready. What should I wear?”

“There’s… a red dress in your closet. It’s new.” He pressed a kiss to my forehead. “Enjoy the tub, get some rest, and indulge me? We have hours before dinner.”

The problem was that I didn’t want him to wait. “Can’t we have lunch?”

“We will, but it will be here.” He smiled. “Besides, I have work to catch up on, and you need more rest.”

“You need more rest too. We could just go to lun
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Regina Jackson
Where is the update please
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Sarah Jonas
The author doesn’t comment, so I don’t know if we will get more updates..
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This is ridiculous!!! Where the update

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