🏵️ CHAPTER 65 🏵️

The quadruplets were more than excited.


Because Lena had informed them some days ago that they will be staying with their grandmother, in the meantime.

The quadruplets have heard so much about Mrs. Estrella and they were more than eager to meet this grandmother of theirs they’ve heard so much about.

Today was the day they will be leaving. Lena had prepared and packed everything they needed.

Sometime later, a limousine arrived.

Mrs. Brenton had sent the car to pick up her lovely grandkids. The old woman was also eager to meet these quadruplets that Denzel and Lena had told her so much about.

The four brats were waiting by the door when the door of the limousine opened and a man stepped out. From the way he dressed, one can say that he was the driver.

“ Good morning, uncle “

“ Good morning to you too, little ones. I am here to pick up a certain Lena Estrella and her kids. May I know if you little ones know who she is “

The quadruple’s mind wasn’t even on what the
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