Chapter12 His beta kissed me right in front of him

Jane’s POV

I leapt out of the car. The little girl was huddled on the ground, clutching the rabbit doll she held with a white-knuckled grip, her face dusty and her huge, blue eyes brimming with tears. She wailed silently into the bunny, biting her lip to hold back her cries.

I didn’t know why I recognised her as Hunter’s daughter at first sight. It was like instinct. Maybe it was because she had a tiny mole under her left eye, just like mine. Every time I saw that on the television my heart panged, aching for the little girl I had lost six years ago.

As always, thinking of her made my heart tear a bit more.

I lifted my chin. No matter what had happened between her father and I, the child was innocent. I checked over her body as best a I could, murmuring soothing nonsense to her as she sobbed. My two boys hopped out of the car and gathered around her, their big blue eyes wide with curiosity. They were both unusually quiet as they watched me run my hands down her arms.

“Are you all righ
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