Chapter 10: Power Seeking Bastard

*** Nora's POV***

I opened the door to my office violently, producing a booming sound. I walked into the office with a dark expression on my face.

“Do you have a death wish?” I asked in a cold tone. And crossed my arm across my chest.

The cow smirked, staring at me. The smirk on his face was not even attractive, he looked like an old fool.

“I finally have your attention, ” he said, sounding cocky as a victory smile slowly appeared on his pale lips.

His dull, unattractive black eyes flicker at my body slowly, undressing me with his eyes.

Lust blanketed his eyes and that stupid smirk did not leave his lips. I felt so dirty under his stare and I wanted to run quickly to the bathroom, and scrub my body.

I glared at him in disgust before speaking.

“What the fuck is your worthless ass doing in my seat” I queried, glaring dangerously at the bastard in my office chair. That good for nothing! Had the audacity to sit in my chair.

I growled.

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