Chapter 11: The Enchantress


I groaned, loving the scent and comfort around me. I snuggled up into the warmth and comfort. I heard a chuckle which pulled me back to my senses.

” VAMPIRES” this rung in my heard and I jerked up, waking up instantly.

I glanced around expecting to see trees but instead I found grayish painted walls surrounding me.

Where am I? I examined the room and realized I was on the bed. Why am I in bed instead of the forest?

I frowned as my eyebrows fused together. The room was massive with tasteful furniture.

Did the vampires get hold of me?

Have I been kidnapped?

I began to panic “where the hell is this place?” I whispered and made an attempt to get out of bed when I heard a sweet melodious voice.

“You are finally awake.”

I turned in the direction of the voice to see a beautiful tall woman of about 6”5 with long black curly hair, gorgeous hazel and heart-shaped face standing by an open window, slightly turned gazing at me.

my mouth dropped
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he'll understand in due time

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