Chapter 17: Hasty Decision

***Leo's POV***

I kept my eyes fixed on Alpha Nora until she disappeared from my view. I was shaking with anxiety as I sat in the midst of a crowd of complete strangers. Someone who keeps on glaring at and disdaining me. I was aware that many eyes were trained on me in an unwelcome way. My skin pricked as if a dagger were being thrown at me from their eyes.

To the best of my ability, I try to breathe in and out normally. Even so, I could still feel the heat from their gaze behind me. The heat was so palpable that I started sweating.

Fidgeting with my fingers, I stood up and made my way toward her room. Suddenly, two hulking men cross my path and block my way. One had brown hair and tanned skin, while the other had black hair and bronze skin. They were both about the same height as me, but they were a little bigger and bulkier.

"Hey, " he says, rubbing his hand at the back of his neck nervously "my name is Josh, and this is..."

"I'm Dave. Nice to meet you," he adds with
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it's sad to lose your family in real life but it hurts in this chapter book too

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