Chapter 62: Red Moon I

***Nora's POV***

“ Yes it's me, Roger … we need a favor from you” my mate mutters.

“ I’m listening “

“ Will it be possible to get one of your coven members into Derrick's territory? “

He exhaled “ what for ?”

“ We want you to get a little girl.”

“ Her name is Lisandra" Maggie cried “ she is just a two, year-old baby. She would probably be with her nanny, Ivy."

“ I will work on it.”

“ Thank you," Leo breathed in.

" That’s what family are for…Tell your mate she owes me a dinner date.”

"For sure" my lips curved up in a grin, as he dropped the line.

“It's settled, now talk.”

She sniffed and looked at Leo again, but this time with tear-filled eyes.

“ He has his father.”

“ Huh!!”

“Derrick had imprisoned Leo’s father and he planned to use him as bait during the war.”

Leo growled.

“ So my dad is alive! Can you repeat what you just said” he uttered, not believing his ears?

Maggie nodded “ Yes, your dad is alive. Leo and Derrick plan to use him as bait
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