“I don’t feel good about this,” Perseus mumbled after we bid our mate goodbye.

Not only did I not feel good about sending my mate away when I wanted to have her in my sight every second of every day, I actually felt terrible.

…I hate you!

Those words she screamed at me haunted me till now. I knew she didn’t mean them, that she had uttered them in the heat of the moment, feeling hurt and betrayed that I went behind her back to plan this after I promised to never hide things from her. I knew all this but the words still stung.

‘Cahir, are you sure this is the best choice?’ Perseus asked, a gloomy cloud hanging around him as our mate went away.

‘It would be unwise to keep her shackled to our side at this point.’ I mumbled. ‘Greyson will attack in a few days and it's best she isn’t caught in the crossfire because I selfishly held on to her.’

It would be good to get things done and over with as soon as possible so I could have a peaceful life with my mate and baby. I had to e
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