“Cahir.” I touched his arm when he got closer, my lips trembling. He wouldn’t hurt me – I tried to convince myself of that but it didn’t stop my heart from shaking when he got closer with a weird look in his golden eyes.

I wanted to look away but I forced myself to maintain eye contact. Beneath this wolf coated with blood and with feral eyes was my mate, the love of my life and the father of my child.

“Cahir – do you –“ I wanted to ask if he recognized me but I couldn’t. What was I doing talking to a wolf that was stalking me? What was I doing reaching out to a feral wolf? But that feral wolf was my mate and I couldn’t let him go. Never.

How many people had he killed for his fur to be coated in so much blood? What had he done before he entered this room? Could I still get my mate back from the abyss of bloodlust that seemed to have wrapped vice-like grips around him?

The wolf got to me and buried its cold snot into my neck. I went as stiff as a board. There was no single scent of
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