Oh my god.

Alpha Logan was kissing me and, after a while, carried me from the gym to his room. He never once tried to touch me inappropriately. But I loved the feeling of his hands on my naked waist, and it made me moan.

I knew I should leave and get ready to sleep, but it felt so good being here.

“Alp. Uh, Logan. I, I need to go shower. I smell of sweat.” I stammered. And blushed.

“Shower with me? Then sleep here next to me. It is not just your wolf being calmer. I won’t do anything, I promise. One word, and I will do whatever you say.” He whispered into my ear, making me shiver in a delicious way.

The thought of being in the shower naked, together with Logan, made me turn all warm. Get yourself together, I said to myself. I had to calm down before my arousal came. I look at him and nod.

He stands up and helps me up, then he gently grabs the hem of my oversized t-shirt and lifts i

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Aminta T Anderson
Whew!! Omg, th-That’s is…steamy.
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Neda Petro
i am waiting for more...please????
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Catelyn Graham
loving this story so far! one hell of a sensual shower. can't wait for future chapters!!!

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