Victor put the finishing touches on his presentation, and, satisfied with the result, sat back in his chair. The upcoming trip to Las Vegas was a critical turning point for him, personally and professionally, and he couldn’t leave anything to chance.

His plans of expanding his empire were still a secret, but he knew that the Las Vegas Strip would be the place to start if he wanted to make an entrance people would notice.

And there was only one person who could’ve helped him accomplish that… He was the most important name on his investors' list. Ben Randall, the most influential name amongst all. He desperately needed an appointment with the businessman but, so far, Randall hadn’t taken any of Victor’s calls, and that frustrated him to no end.

He thought about the presentations and workshops that he and Navy would be attending during the conference. This trip would also be an extremely good opportunity for her as well, and he developed their sche
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Bella Jersey
I think Victor needs his own private bath time
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Marlenny Fernandez
This is a good read so far. How often does the author updates? I can’t wait for more chapters

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