When they walked back out to the terrace, the sun had fully set, and the automatic timer had turned on the exterior lights so that the night was now cast in a yellow-orange glow. He had also forgotten to turn off the music. So now, instead of the dance music that had been playing earlier, it had since slowed to R&B.

          ‘Nice romantic setting…’

          Victor frowned. It was as if some strange force had conspired to usher him and the PA he couldn’t ever have into bed together.

          ‘This is such a bad idea.’

          But it was too late to say anything. He couldn’t invite her to relax with him and then turn around and kick her out.


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goodnovel comment avatar
erm... cliff hanger on both..chapter and love scene ... this hurts ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
I can’t believe they stopped but they did. What is gonna push them over the edge

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