Navy was in her kitchen when her phone rang. She ran to it and saw Victor’s number displayed on the screen. She frowned, debating whether or not to answer it. She had stubbornly refused to take any of his calls in the month that had passed since she had spoken to him, although it felt like an eternity, and thinking about Victor still hurt her.

That was a sure sign that they shouldn’t be together. Victor had too much power to cause her pain. She couldn’t risk her heart with him, because he would surely break it.

Sure, Paige had said so many times she was being stupid.

‘Not being able to live without him is the surest sign that you should be together,’ she’d advised her.

Paige had told her that this was just another way she pushed away her happiness. Navy had sabotaged her own relationship, and Keera had given her the perfect excuse to do it.

Navy didn’t see it that way, and she had done well to avoid him at all costs in the pas
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Lean Cantara
i love it ..i love the ending..thanks for this wonderful book.
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Danielle Tyrrell
Awe I love this ending, wrapped up nicely. Can’t wait for the next book already.
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Linda Williams
Great book. Loved it. perfect ending.
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