A deal with the devil ceo

A deal with the devil ceo

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Isabella Harrods is a young journalist who meets Terrence Langston, the CEO of Langston's jewelry and the son of the most notorious mafia lord, who was assassinated by his own son, Terrence. Following their meeting, a serial killer imitating Terrence's father's killing pattern emerges, triggering Terrence's PTSD. Even though there is a serial killer on the loose, their hate-to-love relationship blossoms. Terrence forces her to sign a blood contract stating that only death can keep them apart. As the murder rate and Terrence's recurring PTSD skyrocket, Isabella decides to track down the perpetrator. Having sealed a blood deal with him, what happens when she walks in on him while carrying a severed human head?

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Very very interesting. Keep it up.
2023-11-08 17:13:50
4 Chapters
The party
"Tis the season to be jolly," they said, but all I got for the rest of the twelve days of Christmas was heartbreak. The only thing that makes my heartbreak worse is having to accompany my best friend Dora to her stupid party.Dora and I are polar opposites; unlike me, she didn't believe in true love, so she just had her heart broken once. She always warned me, but I always messed up, and I always came crawling back to her. I guess this was the final straw, and I needed it.I was fed up, and I had spent the previous three days sulking in bed, contemplating the best way to get back on my feet. I have to give it to her; either I'm done with men or I'm going to the streets. But who am I kidding? The streets aren't for me; I'm a lover girl who will most likely be crushed by love or something she believes to be love."Isa, hurry up; he'll be here shortly!" I hear Dora's voice in the hallway as she walks down to the room where I was staying. She agreed to let me live with her for the new yea
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I do not entertain desperate women
When I look up at him, his eyes engulf me. My gaze wanders to the perfectly sculpted jaw and the perfectly shaped nose that sat in between. Then there were his plump lips, which defined his face."We should clean that up,"I snap out of my reverie when I hear his baritone voice in my ears.I suddenly realize I've been staring at him for a few seconds. My face flushes immediately, and I want to run away.He looks at the jumble he's made of my body. Fortunately, my clothes had a large opening in the front that kept the wine from getting into my dress. A good portion of the wine had spilled on my chest and bulging cleavages. Then I notice him looking at me with what appears to be a smirk on his face, and I suddenly want to melt and die."Jewelry from Langston," he says, and I look down at the necklace that hangs on my chest."Yea… I received it as a New Year's gift from my ex-boyfriend last year, and can you believe he just broke up with...""I should probably stop talking," I tell him as
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Terrence Langston
Isabella:"Dora I'm not sure I want this job anymore "I told Dora as I looked in the mirror at my skirt and how they hugged my curves."Mmhh..." she says, checking her phone.What bothered me the most was that she wasn't even listening to me. Since last week, she had been obsessed with speaking with Hudson. Perhaps she was falling for him."Isn't that Hudson? Someone is madly in love, "I made a joke. She rolled her eyes and threw away her phone.She immediately got out of bed and walked over to me. She then stroked my hair and tucked a strand behind my ear."You are stunning, and working for Langston will elevate your life. Fuck your ex and get your life back," as she spoke, a smile crept up my lips."I mean, what do they say again? Niggas are not shit "She said to me, and I chuckled a little before pulling her into a hug.She was the best.As soon as someone honked on the driveway, I pulled away from the hug."Must be the chauffeur," she said as she grabbed my hand and dragged me down
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chapter 4
Isabella:I felt sick to my stomach and depressed at the thought of Terrence having a family. Following my heartbreak and how wild he is, it's not something I'm proud of, but it appears I've caught feelings for him, because that could only explain why I'm feeling this way.I want to scream and cry into my pillows for being so naive to think he wanted anything to do with me. Rowland is a fucking millionaire, but Terrence is a billonaire or a Trillonaire. Creekside is a small town in comparison to here, so Rowland's family thrived there. But this man has complete control over the city.I don't realize I should have called an uber in advance until I'm already outside the gate. For a while, I stand in frustration, unable to process my thoughts. My work starts tomorrow, and I'll have to face the fact that Terrence is married. Thank God I didn't have another panic attack like the other night; I'd only embarrass myself further.After a brief internal debate, I decide to walk. I figure it wil
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