Dance with The Devil {A mafia story}

Dance with The Devil {A mafia story}

By:  Lovina S.  Completed
Language: English
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A Mafia love story. "I don't like to call it revenge, returning the favor sounds nicer." -Him. "I respect those who tell me the truth, no matter how hard it is."-Her. What if the hero of your story is actually The Villain! Crystal wakes up from coma after 9 months with no memories of the past. To her surprise, she has been married to Valentine Romero for 2 years. But, what if the marriage he portrayed as a fairy tale is the biggest curse of her life? The words she believed were actually lies? Dark secrets are about to be revealed and this time will Valentine be able to cage her as he wanted and make her dance with his demons? Read Dance with the Devil. A Dark Mysterious Romance.

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Dance with The Devil {A mafia story} is a dark romance novel by Lovina S. After nine months of coma Crystal finally wakes up. She does not remember anything and a man named Valentine Romero claims to be her husband. Crystal thought that she married a hero loved by all. It turns out Valentine is a ruthless Mafia boss feared in the underworld. Valentine truly is head over heels in love with her. But how can he prove it when Crystal has fears and doubts due to his current reputation?

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45 Chapters
 They called him the King.King of the underworld.He was a being to be feared and worshipped as he was born from darkness. He has sinned, he has crushed and ruined. He has killed. There was blood on his hands. He carried that aura to haunt the souls of living beings. He was a trickster and manipulative, but he was loyal too.                            He was loyal and kind to those who kept their belief in him. He would die for them and won’t hesitate to slaughter for them. Of all, he was Don of Italy and Valentine
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'You can't keep me caged, Romero. I am free.'The words rang in my ears again through murk followed by a masculine scream. The scream made my otherwise stiff body jerk. The outcry wasn't ear piercing or traumatizing but laced with despair and longing. A scream enveloped in covers of obscurity echoes from afar. A scream, begging for one last chance.
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A month later...A mild ache in my backbone and limbs brought me to conscious. I blinked my heavy eyelids a few times to adjust against striking light scattered in the room. My throat felt parched in dryness and I started coughing. The mere action made me squeamish and burned the empty stomach. Hell Immediately, two arms wrapped around my shoulders making me sit and rubbed my back soothingly. My spinning head rested on the shoulder of the owner and eyes tear in misery. "Water," I whispered roughly not finding my voice. It was all blurred, the surroundings. A cool glass was pressed against my lips and I took a small gulp but winced at the cutting sensation. It felt like someone has stabbed me directly in the oesophagus.
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RussiaThe smoke of expensive cigar fogs the entire room. Even when it clogs the throats of four men, none of them dared to open their mouths in protest. The moment they entered the study of the greatest Mafia boss, they made sure to leave all rationality behind. No one comes here to open their mouth or judge the ice-cold man sitting behind the giant desk. All they have to do is bow their heads, answer what's questioned and follow the orders religiously. One mistake can cost them a bullet on the forehead within a fraction of seconds.The four bulky men stood taunt at a good level of 6ft with their backs straight and wearing black suits. Their frosted eyes rested on the grey carpet under their feet. Sweat beads dripped from their forehead as the Godfather of the underworld, Svetozar Volkov barked orders in Russian. Even
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Crystal"Crystal.""Crystal."A profound voice gently knocks the door of darkness which was trapping me and showed me conscious. I quailed feeling someone shaking my shoulder. "Wake up. We are here. We are at home." My eyes instantly popped open and I sat straight in my seat bubbling with excitement. "We are here?" I asked rubbing my sleepy eyes and yawned behind my palm. Valentine chuckles and combed the hairs which were falling on my eyes. They were messy due to sleeping for hours. I was knocke
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RussiaThe silence was thick in the air, chocking the throats of men like a poisonous serpent. The entire room was dark except for a bulb hanging from the ceiling at the centre of a round table. Don Volkov dragged his cigar and released the puff of smoke in the air. His eyes were distant, lost in thoughts. A gun rested in his palm. Bloody spots decorated his coat and right side of the face. Ricardo was sitting at his left, looking unfazed of what happened a few seconds ago. He rubbed his eyebrow in irritation. Just because of Don's presence he was here, otherwise, the man has no interest in registering this show of power and cleaning the mess. His eyes jumped on Roosevelt. Chief of team alpha. The
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ValentineFate A cruel thing. All my life, I never cursed or feared it. The thought of destiny never crossed my mind. My actions and deeds never bothered me, neither the guilt crawled my spine as poisonous spiders. But now, the tentacles of lies suffocate me. Its vice grip on my throat and body is affecting my thinking capability. Every time I look at Crystal, it chokes me reminding the tortures I dawned on her. I adjusted my tie and turn towards the bed where Crystal was still sleeping. It's 2 in the morning, yet I have to go to work. In these
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Crystal​​​​​Morning light squinted through the parted curtains filling the room, making me groan and bury my head under the pillow. Surprisingly, there were no arms securing me at a place or limiting my movements today. Opening my eyes, I turned and greeted an empty bed. It was cold, hinting that the person left a long time ago. The 7 a.m. alarm rang on bedside table making me sit lazily and secure my wild hairs in a bun. To suppress the yawn, I brought my left hand to cover my mouth but froze immediately. If my eyes were barely open before, they widen as saucers now noticing a priceless stone shining under the glow of Sun. My lips parted in shock as slowly my fingers glided on its well-furnished
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ValentineThe man in front of me gurgles on blood with tears streaming down his eyes, pathetically. A knife was jammed in his left thigh, deep enough to penetrate from another side. His once white shirt was torn and pants were covered in red. My lawyer was still busy in counting his funds, ignoring the entire scene. He played as if the two of us didn't even exist at the moment. The man in front of me is an old employee, Mr. Charles. This man was appointed to take care of the finance department about 10 years ago. When I and my men were busy in doing settlements, he was stealing a hefty amount of sum from our pockets. Until now, the bastard gulped nearly twenty million. My lawyer, Evan Tucker was busy in exploring Mr. Charles’ properties and bank balance in order to retrieve the stolen amount. People think that t
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Crystal"Let me go. Let me go!" I screamed in obscurity as the foggy devil laughed watching me writhing in pain. My entire body quacked with each blow of a whip that splits open the flesh. I fought hard against those shackles but they were too heavy to move, digging in the bruised flesh, leaving my body numb. "Let me go. Valentine! Valentine!" I screamed for my husband to come for my rescue. Maybe he could hear me and chase this darkness away. My entire being roared in burning pain and head throbbed. The panic was so hard for me to lose control over the bladder. "Crystal." A frantic voice of Valentine echoed in my ears making my dying struggles resurface once again."
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