His Destined Queen

His Destined Queen

By:  Serenity Warren  Ongoing
Language: English
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For centuries two desirable men will do anything to be with Katrina. They will fight and because they know what they seek. The battles became worse, triggering something dark and sinister to come through Earth.Now, Katrina must choose in time to save humanity before it's gone forever.

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i love the cover.
2020-10-08 10:18:37
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Kiara Colón
This story pulls you in from the beginning. The strength of the female character is just amazing and the fiery chemistry between her and her lovers will hook you in right away. Don’t miss the chance to check this story out, this amazing and talented author will keep you entertained with her book. Enjoy❤️
2020-05-24 20:02:45
15 Chapters
Chapter One: The Call
Prologue: The world has changed now. Nothing is as it once was. The humans live in the dark, using the moon as their only source of light. The sun has abandoned them, leaving only chaos and what many humans have described as the word Armageddon. The only time the sun casts through the Earth's surface is once a decade. The humans consider it a delicacy, for it is just a small taste of what they used to have. Life, death, night, and day. They are all decided by me and me alone. The question has always been, "Why would I have chosen such an undesirable fate for the living?" My answer, "I did it for him. I did it because he is mine, and I am eternally his."Chapter One The Call Heart-wrenching screams expel from my burning lungs. The flannel sheet is soaking with sweat, and my heart is pounding against my chest. One more breath could make the difference between dying in peace or living another day to suffer through the same nightmare that I have dealt with for the last seven da
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Chapter Two: First Impressions
Deeply staring into my eyes is a pair of the darkest sets of sapphire blue that​ I have ever seen and a set of lips smirking devilishly towards me. Just staring at him takes my breath away. I cannot seem to move or speak. My legs and arms become paralyzed. I probably look like a fucking fool.What the hell! This is freaking embarrassing! Why can't I break from his stare?He strums his finger across his parted lips and watches me with amusement. Oh, come on. Say something... anything. This is embarrassing as hell!A sound I have never heard before lullabies through my ears. It reaches to the depths of my soul. It is nothing I have ever compared to. It is sweet and angelic, yet terrifying at the same time. It is terrifying because I know just from the sound of his voice, I will never be the same again. He hums within my ear, "It is nice to find you finally, you, Katrina."The room spirals around me, taunting me with his odd comment and tempting lips. "It is nice to find you, finally, yo
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Chapter Three: Into the Night
I glance back and forth at the scattered cars, trucks, and motorcycles in the dark. The dark has a way of playing tricks on me sometimes, but I know exactly where I usually parked my car... two cars down from the security pole light for protection when I leave late hours of the night.Next to the pole light, I look around, but the only thing left is an empty glass beer bottle and cigarette buds. "Where the hell is my car! I need to get away before anyone else exits out of the glass door. Before he does!” I know I am running out of time, but I have come across one major problem, I scan everywhere, even in the places I never park. Roughly, I run my hands through my disheveled hair and tremble in shock. "It's gone. It’s fucking gone.""Where is my car!" I scream out loud. “Who the hell has the fucking balls to steal my car!” Rage pours through my bones, knowing I am doomed. I cannot afford another car, let alone money for a taxi ride home.Pools of tears fall into the palms of my hands
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Chapter Four: Bright Awakenings
Gradually my eyes flutter open to the morning sun blazing through the windows. It burns at first. Not ready to get up, I close them back again and roll onto my side while pulling my pillow against my chest. I always hold my pillow in the mornings. It is the one comfort I look forward to and cherish as a part of my daily ritual.When I squeeze my pillow, I realize something is… off. My pillow isn’t lumpy. The fabric brushes smoothly along the side of my face. Come to think of it; even the sheets feel... different. I feel like I am laying upon pure Charmeuse silk, each part of the fabric gliding across my skin. “I must be still dreaming.” I think to myself and cover back up.My full-sized bed is the same place I have laid upon since I was a child. The mattress is the same, so I know this could only be nothing more than a wonderful dream. Too bad, though, I could get used to waking up like this. I could only imagine having the wealth to afford such luxuries. “But why does it seem so rea
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Chapter Five: The Bargain
The stranger's knees bump against the back of my back bare legs, showing me just how close he is. Shivers run down my body, causing my nipples to harden. I cover my breast and clit the best I can, but I know he is still right against my ass. I look back to the bed for a sheet, but he has removed it. “Are you kidding me?” Ever so gently, he brushes the curls of my hair away from my neck and inhales my scent. “Mmm, you smell lovely this morning.” There was no way possible he was going to take me from behind. In a blink, I whip around and face him. My natural reflexes surprise me by the speed I pull off. I blow my frizzy chestnut hair from my face. The stranger is standing in front of me, smiling with deep, hungry eyes. “I am nothing more than a game to him! Common sense, Katrina! Start using it, or the battle is over before it begins!”"Hello, my love. You are a sight for sore eyes. Did you sleep well?" He asks, then stares at my nipples. "Mmm, it seems you did."“Where did the shee
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Chapter Six: Willpower
"So, you think, offering me only sweet words from your precious tongue will be enough to earn your clothes back?" He asks as he licks his lips hungrily.Bargaining such a promise may not be a powerful gesture too many, but I may have a chance to him. The second I had made the offer, his body momentarily relaxed, and the grasps of his cool fingers around my waist side lightened up enough to help me back away. “How do you believe that is so, Katrina? Words are just nothing more than words. Nothing more.”“Oh, come on. Even you don't believe that.”“Oh,” He crosses his eyebrows and tries to come closer. “How are you so sure?”“Because words affect everyone. Especially when used… appropriately.”“Careful, Katrina. Don't push your luck with him.”He stares me up and down from head to toe and thinks for a moment.“Hmm, true. You are right, Katrina.”Gently, he tucks my hair behind my ear, causing chills to spread my spine. He leans in and whispers, grazing his lips against my ear.“Words can
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Chapter Seven: Orramoth's
From within him, a deep, rumbling growl surfaces louder and louder. The stillness of his chest moves in and out as if he is trying to catch his breath. I knew this was wrong. How could he? He is a vampire. Vampires don't breathe. They are fucking dead.Slowly, I back away from him as the floor beneath me trembles. The dressers rock back and forth, dumping the drawers and several piles of clothes onto the floor. One by one, the pictures fall off the hooks. A vase of red and black flowers shatter, leaking not water but a red liquid trail. I scream and jump out of the way as a chandelier drops from the ceiling and shatters glass everywhere. One enormous golden frame picture of two archangels slides sideways off the hook while the smaller frames fall onto the floor. An antique marbled vase falls off of the dresser and burst into a million of small broken pieces."Someone help me!" I beg.The bed shakes, making it nearly impossible for me not to fall over or worse… “Katrina, I am not stron
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Chapter Eight: Unfamiliar Places
Many nights I remember laying on top of my own lumpy mattress daydreaming of being in the embrace of another man's arms, or even something as daring as to awaken waisted at one of Blaire's infamous parties with a couple or two not remembering the night before. Still, now… now I find me once again for the second morning in a row alone in an unfamiliar bed. The worst part is, not once do I seem to remember how I end up in such a predicament. I fling my head in back frustration against the black silk pillow. This has GOT to stop! Where the hell am I now?Yanking the blanket off of my legs, I attempt to stand on the floor. My feet and legs are wobbly, but I steady myself. My bare feet sink into the soft white carpet. The first thing I notice is at least I am finally dressed this time in a pair of navy-blue jogging pants with deep pockets and a thin cotton white t-shirt, but with the draft I am feeling beneath the fabric, it is obvious they did not give me any underwear or bra. However, I
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Chapter Nine: Round Two
My heart plummets to the souls of my feet the moment I see long fingers gripping onto the handle, and his oh too familiar jet black hair and over the perfect physique, body slip through the bedroom door. One glimpse at him and my body temporarily freeze."No! You stay away from me, you here!" I wave my fist like a madwoman and scream at the top of my lungs.The man’s smiles wash away as soon as he sees me afraid. Ever so cautiously, he walks into the room, with both hands surrendering into the air. "Calm down, Katrina." He says in a reassuring tone, "Please."The closer he steps, the more I back away, looking for another means of escaping. I scream at the top of my lungs, "Fuck you! Get away from me!""I know you're scared, but please listen to me and calm down." He asks calmly again. My hands search for something, anything to grab hold of to throw at his face, but I too far from the dresser or anything worth my while. “Calm down!” I yell in disbelief. “Are you serious right now?” “I
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Chapter Ten: Tease On
"Oh! Uh! Look, Raquel, you said your name is?" I ramble nervously.“That is soooo not necessary!”“Yes, it is." He says firmly. “It seems now more than ever.” “No, seriously, Raquel,” I say as I glance down toward his long fingers. The way they are steady as they wrap around the black zipper. Raquel twists his fingers, allowing the zipper to split the fabric against the seams. I hear the familiar clicking sound. Unable to look away, I watch as he purposely takes his time unzipping his pants. My mouth parts with each click. I wanted to swallow my saliva, but my mouth became dry. The corner of his lips turns up as he smirks at me. My cheeks become flushed once again. I look away quickly because I'm embarrassed that everything is happening so fast. “You're blushing, Katrina. There is no need,” he smirks, letting one side of his pants drop-down next to his v-line. “I am just showing you my tattoo.” The next side drops, showing me his dark hairline. He continues in a matter-of-fact-tone,
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