His Passion

His Passion

By:  Zish Urooj  Ongoing
Language: English
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He wanted to make her life a living hell. Wanted to take revenge for her betrayal. He fully controlled her life, what eat, what to wear, when and what to speak, where to go.

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Jannat Khan
Starting is great. seem like attractive.
2021-07-28 23:01:50
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such a great start! may i know your active socmed account to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-23 16:58:18
6 Chapters
Chapter No 1
The whole room was filled with her desperate pleas and cries. Last night she had dinner with her father and in the morning he was no more."Dad wake up! Open your eyes""Mom look at him!! Wake him up! He will wake up!!" She turned towards her mother who looked almost lifeless showing her state of stupor."Dad , my dad, don't leave me alone. What I'll do with out you?"Her eyes were red and her whole form was shaking with her sobs.Her father died due to heart attack, the reason of his heart attack was due to constant stress and hypertension which increased the blood pressure and eventually myocardial infraction."Its time for the janaza" her cousin, Nick spoke from behind which made her cling to his father's dead body like her life was dependent on it."No! No! He is alive!! I won't let him go! Please don't take him!!" Her aunt moved forward to help her to get off her fathers body with full resistance she finally moved and hugged her
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Chapter No 2
People walk past him with their gazes held down and meekly greeting him. He only gave a curt nod to them and continued walking towards his personal lift. His domineering aura had them to go past him fast as theycould and try their best, not to match his eyes. There heartbeat got erratic in his presence and they walk with there blood-pumping organ almost jumped into there throat. Nobody knew whose last day could it be at there work, there small mistake could lead them to a level of humiliation they never knew ever existed. After all, there CEO, had his hawk-like calculative eyes on everyone but you would never know he is observing you.He got to his lift and hit the top floor button, where his office resides.On reaching there, he saw his second in command, Yawar, standing in front his office door, delved into conversation with someone, unaware of the fact that he also stood there.He go for his office door and walks past them. On noticing his boss ha
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Chapter No 3
Here she stood again but this time not with her husband but with her only daughter. She never in a million years thought that one day she'll have to return to the same place which abandoned her husband only because of marrying her.Flashback"Inaayat, I am nervous, I don't think your father will accept me"Both of them stood outside the haveli gates, ready to enter before she stated her assumption.I am with you Ammara, I am with you, You need not to worry yourself" He assured her."But.. he himself asked you not to marry me, Why would he accept me now?""Ammara you are a very virtuous and upright woman. He does not know you yet but when he would recognize the real you, he will definitely accept you. "he held her hand and slightly carrassed it to relieve her."Now come on, we should go inside"They moved towards the haveli gates, the large gates opened and let them in. She looked around to analyze the haveli and her mouth
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Chapter No 4
After passing through the lawn, their footsteps halted and they stood in front of a large brawny door that led into the house. Both of them were nervous. Amarra was nervous because if they are rejected from this place they'll probably have no place to live. She was utterly worried for her daughter. And Rose was nervous because her subconscious kept signaling about something havoc. Moreover, she does not want to let anyonehumiliate her mother. She knew her Dada won't accept her mother and let them live here easily. They've to pass through a great ordeal to live here. Ammara's hands reached for the doorknob, she turned it and pushed it inside. The door opened and they both made their way into the house. They were left in awe. A very modernly designed lounge had their mouth hung open. Rose
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Chapter No 5
"I'll be announcing it at the dinner, meanwhile my servant will guide you both to your rooms"He called Ghulam Ali, his servant from the intercom to his study and within minutes he was here leading them outside the study towards their respective rooms, which his master has assigned to them.Rose kept thinking about the cruelty of his grandfather. She surely saw the glint of sadness in his eyes but then why was he putting up a facade? Why had he humiliated her mother? Moreover, what condition he wants to put up?The door to the study opened but her head was bent down, engrossed in her thoughts when suddenly she smashed into a hard wall. Scowling, she slightly scratched her forehead to lessen the pain. The wall was a bit too hard for her liking.Two sleek black boots came into her sight and her eyes widened.It was not a wall. It was. Was a man. What??!She slowly looked upwards and saw a young man standing right in front of her.His height was tall
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Chapter No 6
Rose's mouth hung open.She was completely baffled.It took good two minutes for her mind to conjecture what he has said."Well, What do you say, Rose?" Her grandfather asked breaking her reverie.Nick's words kept echoing in her mind.'I will come to marry you, Rose.No, she can't do this with Nick. She can't betray him. She can't break her promise."I am sorry I won't marry anyone without my will" Rose immediately spoke."The choice is all yours, if you want to live here then you've to marry Alex, and if you don't want to marry him then you've to go,"Who is he to decide whom should I marry?"I'll prefer going from here" she almost spatted."Ok as you wish. It's getting dark outside you both will be leaving tomorrow morning" with that he stood up and marched towards his room.Rose stood up from his chair and eyed Rose out, dangerously, then left for his room. Then all the family members scatt
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