My Ex-Boyfriend's Comeback

My Ex-Boyfriend's Comeback

By:  Destiny-One  Completed
Language: English
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This story is about a loving mother, who is able to endure and do everything for her beloved daughter. Sydney was left by her ex -boyfriend for the reason that he would marry someone else. As a result, she was unable to inform him that she's pregnant. Over six years, their path will meet again. But Sydney promised to herself that she would no longer affect her ex-boyfriend who hurt and cheated on her. But even so, she could not hide forever from her daughter who her father was, for the reason that little by little she was asking for her father.

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Flaire Sanford
love it!...️
2022-01-31 17:16:41
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Renee Barlow
I love your story 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
2021-07-01 05:26:30
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2021-06-03 18:01:39
27 Chapters
Disclaimer.  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.  — "You're pregnant?" I almost jumped in shock when aunt Fely suddenly appeared in front of me. "Auntie I'm sorry..." Trembling, I took aunt's hand so she could hear me but even though I couldn't touch it, she tapped my hand. "I'm telling you! That man didn't do any good to you! But you didn't listen!" I was distracted when she suddenly slapped my left cheek. "Look, he ruined your life! You're so stubborn!" "A-auntie please, enough..." I begged her because she wouldn't stop slapping me. "Andrew loves me, I know he will be responsible fo
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Chapter 1: Success
"Good day Miss Claire Sydney Agustin! We would like to inform you that you passed your final interview in our company. We are hoping to see you working with us tomorrow or within this week. Congratulations and Good luck! Greetings from Paradise Island Corporation. "I just opened my email and this is what popped up to me. I felt mixed emotions while reading that email. It was as if I was going to cry with joy, which I didn’t know. "Oh My God! Oh My God! I got it! I got it!" Overjoyed, I couldn't stop myself from screaming while I was still jumping on top of my bed. "Yes! Finally! Yes!" I still jumped while hugging my cellphone, where I received that email.Finally, after six years I will be able to work for a company. I can also use the course I finished. "Momma! Why are you so noisy in there? Gosh!" A frowning girl's face stopped me from having fun on the bed."O M G baby! Gosh! come to momma
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Chapter 2: Boss
"Good morning momma! Good luck on your first day!" I immediately drew a smile on my lips because of the sweetness of Sunny's greetings to me. "Good morning too, baby." I gave her a tight hug and lots of kisses on her face. "It's too early baby, why do you wake up so early?" It's only six in the morning, she still has one and a half hours to sleep because her class is 7:30 in the morning. "Of course momma, so I can say goodbye to you." She said smiling. "Aww." I squeezed her cheek, as I often do whenever I get excited about her. "Okay, as long as when momma leaves, you can sleep again, okay?" "I'll just take a look momma..." After our conversation, I talked to Grace next to let her know what time Sunny goes in and out of school. "Grace, since you don't know Sunny's school yet, all you have to do is ride a tricycle first. At A
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Chapter 3: Something
When mang Bert and I got back to the Office, I immediately went to Miss Michelle's office room to tell her what the Chairman was telling her. "Is that so?" I nodded to Miss Michelle. I don’t know if I was just amused when I saw a slight drawn smile on miss Michelle’s lips. "I mean, Andrew, he's your Boss tomorrow." Miss Michelle was staring at me intently, maybe she was catching my reaction. I restrained myself from showing any emotion. I don’t want him to think I’m affected, that I’ll still be affected. "Okay." I sparingly said that I was accompanied by a nod. "Have you eat your lunch?" She suddenly changed the subject. "Yes, I'm already done eating." I replied. Earlier, when I got out of the van, mang Bert told me to have lunch first, because it was already past twelve when we arrived at the office. "Good." She sat up straight. She also took out
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Chapter 4: Welcome Party
As instructed by Miss Michelle, I went to the Office early. I couldn't say goodbye to Sunny because she was still asleep when I left. When I arrived at the office everyone was busy. That's why mang Bert picked me up alone, that's because my other co-workers came in first. "Good morning sister, brother!" I greeted the three guards guarding the entrance of the office. "Good morning Miss Sydney!" They also warmly greeted me back. Because I was in a hurry so I didn’t talk to them too much. I went straight to Miss Michelle's office to put my things away. I caught her already inside and was obviously troubled by whatever she was handling. "Thanks God you're here!" She first opened when I entered. "Good morning Miss Michelle!" I greeted her. "Morning. I would like to ask your opinion here?" I approached to see what she was referring to. "Whic
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Chapter 5: Drunk
"Why did you bring me here sir?" I calmly asked him after he took me to his office room. I found out that this room was his office because of the name on the table. 'Engineer Michael Andrew Claveria' "I—" He could not go on with what he wanted to say. He just stared into my eyes. His stare was cold...yet lonely and it seems that he's in too much pain while staring at me straightly. Because of the closeness of our bodies so I could smell him freely. Nothing has changed in the perfume he uses, he still smells the same. I could also smell the wine with every breath he took. He's drunk. Did he mean to get drunk? God! He slowly loosened his grip on my arm. He also moved slightly away from me. He also averted his eyes first. Why is he like that? Why does it seem like he's hurts to see me? Is he mad at me? Then why did he hired me? After all I should be angry with him. I should be affected by it now that we have met again
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Chapter 6: Weird
"Momma!" I immediately drew a smile on my lips as my daughter greeted me. " you look stunning with your dress momma!" She praised what I was wearing. She seemed to be a professional while reviewing it. I just laughed at what she did. "Aww. Thank you baby." I kissed her on her cheeks. I pressed that too. "Momma, teacher wants us to bring a family picture tomorrow. Baby, mommy, and daddy should be together!" Grace and I looked at what Sunny said. It was as if my throat had dried up because I could not speak. "Baby Sunny?" Grace calls my daughter's attention. "Yes, sister?" "I will take care of what the teacher asks you to do because look, momma is tired." Grace apparently got my reason for keeping quiet, so she made a way to keep Sunny away from asking about her father. I knew we would get to this point, that Sunny would ask who her dad was. B
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Chapter 7: Quality Time
"Peace be with you, baby!" Today is Sunday and just after Mass. We are currently walking out of the church, with my daughter, Grace and me. "Peace be with you momma. I love you!" I couldn't help but shudder at Sunny's sweetness. I picked her up so we could easily get out of the church. We sat in front so we could hear Father clearly.  When we left the church, I immediately rode a tricycle to go to the carnival park. "What do you want to eat baby?" I asked her. "Anything momma, it's up to you." She answered cheerfully. She just clung to my side while I was busy buying food for us later. We left Grace in the park, where we will be stationed for a mini-picnic.  I thought of bringing them, Grace and Sunny, in a picnic, because I will be gone for three months for the renovation of Paradise Island Resort in Palawan will do.  Two days ago, Andrew told me that I
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Chapter 8: Work In Palawan 1
It's only four-thirty in the morning but I've already taken a shower and got dressed. Mang Bert will pick me up here at home at four thirty, because our flight to El Nido Palawan was at exactly five o'clock.  Sunny was still sleeping soundly in our room next to Grace. Before I got up at three in the morning, I put Grace next to Sunny.  I just arranged the things I'm going to bring last night so I'm checking it again carefully today because I might have left something behind.  I was carrying a large brown suitcase. The suitcase was full of clothes I would need for work. I also brought my replacement when it was not work hours.  After I checked that my equipment was complete and I hadn't forgotten anything, I rearranged it.  I approached my sleeping daughter, I gently kissed her forehead and cheek. I didn't want to wake her up because I might suddenly chang
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Chapter 9: Work In Palawan 2
"This is Paradise Hotel, and we're staying there for months." Miss Michelle said as she walks me around.  "Aunt Helen managed this before ... before the chairman got sick. So when the chairman got sick and couldn't walk, she decided to hand over the management to me." She told a story.  "At first, I was like; seriously? I am managing this whole island? God! I'm a model not a business woman!" She said laughing as she rolled her eyes.  "Y-you're a model?" I can't believe that she's a model. Not that I doubt her ... of course she's beautiful. She's more than just a model!  "Yeah. But that was just before ... during my teenage. When I turned twenty, there that Aunt Helen started training me in business management." She smiled again. I smiled back. She continued sharing her experience in managing this island while I just continued to listen.  "This will be our
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