Chapter 0005

Sierra was a really good fighter, but so was I.  She is really tall compared to me.  She has to be like 5'7" and my 5' 1" stature can't compare, but we are built similarly which helps with learning the new movements. Her black sports bra and leggings accentuate all the tan and defined muscles in her body, she could be a supermodel with her curves.  I have muscles too, and am actually pretty defined, but I prefer to not show much skin, it helps hide the injuries, so I tend to appear overweight. Today I have baggy sweatpants and t-shirt on.  I also have a tank top on under the t-shirt.  I learned the hard way my scars and bruising can be found in the heat of a match if I don't have layers.  I don't want anyone to see them and pity me or pretend to try to help.  It sounds stupid and my wolf an I have gone around and around, but I don't want help from people who couldn't be bothered to help me when I was recieveing the scars in the first place.  It's easy for them to make themselves feel better by offering help or assistance, saying I 'just have to ask,' but in reality they are the same people who turn a blind eye because their own self preservation is more important than doing what's right.  So I keep my pain hidden.

I like to stay as invisible as possible, but I love sparring.  I typically stick to the back of the training group and only work with warriors that are here to help Delta Kyle train.  He has seen my separation from the group and, I'm sure, has an idea why, so he makes sure there is a warrior there to partner with me.

I don’t know if it’s me or my beta blood but the thrill and adrenaline rush of a good fight always makes my day better.  I am actually a really skilled fighter, even though I let Kaley and her minions beat me up.  It’s just better that she targets only me and not someone else who can’t take the abuse.  I don’t fight back, I learned a long time ago that the beat down goes quick if they get bored. And I don’t get in trouble if I don’t throw any hits at all, since those do seem to show up on videos and leave marks for a long time. Kayley had a black eye for a week once not long after I got my wolf, it was chalked up to my beta blood and a lucky swing, I didn’t argue. But the punishment was terrible.  I was suspended from school for the week and my dad locked me in my room and told Mary she wasn't allowed to talk to me or feed me.  She did neither of those things and she made sure I had all of my work and took my assignment's to school for me so nothing was late.  I wasn't giving anyone any more reasons to punish me.

Delta Kyle and a few of the advanced pack warriors are walking around correcting form and giving feedback. “Nice job ladies, you both seem to be the first to grasp the concept I was trying to teach today.” Delta Kyle says then leans a little closer. “Even the young alphas and beta didn’t catch on as quickly and they are still struggling.” He whispers and winks at us. “But don’t tell them I said that.”  We both giggle, setting up to run the move again. 

“You got it, Delta.” I say. He knew the jab to my brother would make me smile.  He’s seen me work my tail off even if he doesn’t get the chance to help me as much outside of the group training we do here.  I think that is my father’s doing, making my brother and the other future leaders the priority, but I’m not actually sure. 

Delta Kyle acts more like my older brother than my actual older brother does.  He’s helped me hide a few of the more severe injuries I’ve gotten from the constant bullying.  And he doesn't judge or ask too many questions. He and Luna Ava are the only people who know I got my wolf too.  It's rare to get your wolf this young. Sometimes ranked wolves will show up early if they are really strong.  I think the Moon Goddess gave her to me to help me handle the trauma.  As much as I love my wolf and appreciate her help.  I wish the Moon Goddess would just make the bullying stop.

Luna Ava has been helping me with shifting and working on the pack link.  There is something to be said for being invisible.  And just as I think that, Kyle smashes my thought process and completely ignores my need to stay unnoticed with his next words.

“I think a demonstration is in order. Sierra, Skylar, why don’t you two show us how the new defensive move is supposed to look.”  He loudly, getting the attention of the whole group, then he smiles at me and winks and I just want to punch him in his pearly white teeth.

“I really don’t like you.” I say through the mindlink.

“I know, but someone other than me has to see what kind of fighter you are and your brother and the guys need a lesson in humility.  They have been left alone for far too long. Humor me for five minutes.”

“You get two.” I huff and move to face Sierra.  She is smiling like I just brought her to her favorite candy store and told her she can have anything she wants. Oh, goody, she enjoys the attention.

“Ready.” Delta Kyle’s deep authoritative voice booms over the crowd now circling around us. We take our positions. “Sierra, you are on the attack, Skylar use the new defensive move and lets see if you can pin her in less than thirty seconds this time.”

I hear mumbles of ‘what?’ ‘30 seconds no way’ and giggles.  That sets me and my wolf off.  F*ck trying to be invisible.

Arrogant f*ckers think they are so great, when they can't even submit eachother with basic moves. She grumbles.

Shall we? I ask my wolf.

Oh, kiddo, I thought you’d never ask. She replies. I can feel just the smallest hint of her energy seeping into my muscles, I don’t want to hurt Sierra, but if the boys need a lesson, they are going to get one.

I hear a laugh and skeptical murmurs from somewhere in the crowd, but I am too focused on Sierra, my warrior instinct has kicked in and the laughing jackass isn’t a priority. “No one could complete that move in under thirty seconds, let alone her.”  A snarky high pitched male voice says loud enough for everyone to hear and cause a low chorus of agreement. Now my blood is boiling as is my wolf’s.

We are taking her down in less than ten and I better not find out which pansy ass insulted us or he’s going down too. She clips out. I can feel my muscels vibrate with anticipation now.

“Just watch.”  Is Delta Kyle’s only, very dry, response. “Set…GO!”

I move immediately on the word ‘go’ . I don't even give Sierra time to come at me.  She responds quickly though and tries to feign to the left then duck down to catch me with her shoulder.  I’m too quick for her and as she starts to duck down I send a knee up toward her chest and face, knocking the wind out of her. As her body comes up from the momentum I make an elbow strike to her back and she reaches out to wrap her arms around my waist trying to force me down.  Instead of fighting the momentum, I allow it, but twist so I fall on top of her and shift to pin her throat to the ground with one of my knees and have her arm in a lock she can’t get out of.  

My eyes are locked on Sierra's.  Hers are wide in amazement, surprise maybe, I'm not really sure. The first thing I notice is silence, not even breathing can be heard.  The next is a hand patting me on the back.  I look up and see Delta Kyle beaming at me looking like he is fighting off laughter.  What is funny?  I don't understand. 

“Less than ten seconds, damn,  Sorry Sam, she beat your best take down time... by a lot!” Delta Kyle says loud and clear while he shrugs his shoulders at his son, laughing a bit now, not being able to hold it back.

I stand up and help Sierra to her feet. “Sh*t you’re fast.  You’re going to have to help me learn how to react like that.” She says with a mischievous look in her eyes.  I just nod, because what else is there to do?  When she finds out where I fall in the high school pecking order, she will not want anything to do with me. I do notice the crowd is more subdued than usual at the end of training, but I also don’t care so much, I took her down in under ten seconds.  I had to fight a smile, that is something that would for sure get me beat up, I'm not supposed to be good at anything. I grab my things and notice a presence beside me, Sierra is just following my lead, without a word.  It’s kind of weird, but I don’t say anything, I just turn around and start walking. We head towards the locker room together.  It’s so strange to have someone walking next to me by choice.

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