Chapter 0007

The day actually went pretty smoothly, I didn’t even have any run-ins with Kaley and her crew.  I wasn’t sure if that was because of the display this morning at training or the new friend I seemed to have acquired.  No one talked to me or really looked at me, but no one actively tried to do anything to me either. Either way the break was nice and I found myself smiling as I walked down the hallway to put my things in my locker at the end of the day.  Of course good things only last for small moments for me.

“You think you’re so tough, being Delta Kyle’s favorite suck up.  I bet that’s not the only thing you suck, it’s the only explanation for how you manage to gain his attention.”  I ignore Kaley even though I am completely disgusted by her insinuation.  I take a deep breath and continue shuffling things in my locker, hoping she will get bored and walk away, now that she has thrown her insult.  She slams my locker shut.  I’m just lucky my reflexes are fast otherwise I would have lost fingers. 

But, before she can spit whatever venom she has at me, Sierra walks up. “Hey girl, I am so hungry and you promised me to hang out after school.”  Sierra completely ignores Kaley’s presence and I catch the look of death Kaley is throwing her way.  I had to stifle a laugh.

“I almost forgot, sorry, I was trying to make sure I had everything I needed to get my work done this weekend.”  I turn my back on Kaley and we take about two steps before she shouts.

“Hey, new girl, you’ll want to watch who you hang out with.  Some people in this school will give you a bad reputation and only cause you problems.” We both look back at her.

“Thanks for the tip.” Sierra links her arm into mine and starts to turn us away again.

I hear clicks of heels approaching us. “Listen here, you little… Hey guys!”  Kaley’s voice goes from venom to bubble gum in a flash and I notice she is looking over our shoulders.

A general bored mumble of ‘hey’ comes from the group of guys walking our way.  Seriously? I just want to melt into a wall.

“Damn, they are even hotter up close.” Sierra says quietly to me, turning us around to face my brother and his friends as they walk up to us.  I just roll my eyes at her. They have never approached me in school before, like ever. So I can only assume they are here for the beautiful brunette friend I have acquired today.

I can’t deny these guys are gorgeous and unfortunately they all know it too.  My brother, Mateo, and I look almost identical, with sandy blonde hair and gray blue eyes, getting most of our looks from our mother.  The only difference is his build is exactly like my fathers’, wide at the shoulders and narrow at the waist.  He keeps his stick straight hair military short on the sides and in the back and longer on top.  It looks like he ran his fingers through it a couple times to make it stick straight up, but somehow the look works for him.

The future Delta, Sam, is Kyle's son. And he looks like he just stepped out of a Hurley surfing ad with wavy sun-kissed light blonde hair that hangs just below his ears, dark blue eyes and lean muscles. He’s tall but not as wide set as the other guys, but he is no less ripped and one of the fastest warriors I have ever seen.

Oliver, our future Gamma, looks like your stereotypical biker. Medium length, dark brown, almost black hair that falls forward obscuring his face and piercing brown eyes that are almost as dark give off a ‘don’t mess with me’ vibe.  He has tattoos on both forearms and one on his chest, just peeking out of the collar of his shirt. He is the most quiet of the group, lending to the mysteriousness. His expression is regularly bordering on resting b*tch face.

Our future alphas are twins that could melt you with one glance, or maybe that was just me. They both had black hair with a gentle wave to it. They both kept their hair short on the sides and back like my brother.  Cameron was always perfectly groomed, no curl on top of his head was out of place.  His light green eyes softened his severely sharp features though. Dakota let his curls do whatever they wanted on the top of his head.  I had often wondered what it would be like to run my fingers through those soft curls.  Dakota’s baby blue eyes were more playful than his brothers, he was definitely the troublemaker of the two.

Somebody must have said something, because Sierra elbowed me in the ribs. Oh, Goddess, please let me not be drooling.  I mentally facepalm myself. “I’m sorry, what?”  I look around having no idea what we were supposed to be talking about.

“I was just saying, nice moves at training today.  Hopefully we’ll get a chance to work on those again at advanced training and you can give us some tips.  Sam needs to redeem his top takedown time.”  Cameron says to me, smiling, and Dakota laughs, slapping Sam on the back.

I just smile and nod, feeling a little dumbfounded. I have no idea how to respond.  These guys have never talked to me more than a ‘hi’ in passing at my house before and never at school. Even though they have been friends with my brother for their whole lives and spend a ridiculous amount of time at my house.  This is the longest interaction I have ever had with any of them.

He, he, he. A weird forced, high pitched giggle comes from my left. I looked over and didn’t even realize Kaley was standing next to me.  She reached out and put her hand on Cameron’s chest. “You’re so funny babe, Sam is one of the best warriors we have, I bet he could do that move with one hand tied behind his back.  His dad was just being nice to Sierra and S-Skylar.”  Did she just choke on my name?  She’s never really used it before.  I’m normally just the b-word to her. “It’s not fair to wolves lower than you guys.”

Who is she calling a lower wolf? I can feel my muscles shake with my wolf’s irritation.  I look down at the ground and blink a few times to make sure my eyes aren’t changing color, giving away that I have my wolf.

Cameron takes a slow breath in and takes an almost imperceptible step back as his twin chimes in. “Nope, I’m pretty sure Sam sucks and needs to start from the basics again. Maybe we should send him to train with the pups for the week.” Dakota laughs out and my brother joins him this time.  So does Sierra and I allow myself a giggle. I can’t help it, their laughs are infectious.  This is the first time in a long time I have felt comfortable around my brother and his friends and probably the first time ever in a public setting like school.  I break eye contact and look away, taking a few deep breaths to settle my mind around that.  I look back up at my brother. A sort of pained look flashes in my brother’s eyes I can’t quite read, does he not want to be over here talking to me? The thought that he doesn’t want me shouldn't sting this bad, since it’s really the only solid emotion I ever get from him, but my heart sinks into my stomach. I quickly break eye contact and look at the floor again.  I don’t want to earn more slaps for someone’s weird fetish over my brother.

“As much as I enjoy making fun of your boy Sam here.” She pats Sam’s arm. “Skylar promised me some food, we were just heading out to eat, if you will excuse us gentlemen.”  Sierra basically pushes us through the wall of six foot tall guys like it was no big deal and leads me toward the parking lot of the training grounds where she left her car this morning. I hear a huff behind us, but I’m not sure who it was and can’t wait to get out of here as soon as possible.

“How do you already have a car?” I ask, knowing she isn’t 16 yet.  

“I was able to get my license early, with special permission from the Alpha of course.” she winks at me. “My parents were always so busy researching and working for the Alpha King that I needed a way to get around.  As long as I don’t go joyriding or do anything else stupid behind the wheel, I get to keep my license.” She shrugs like that is a totally normal thing.  I have a feeling she can talk anyone into just about anything without putting much effort into it.

“Hey!” A shout from behind us has us both turning around just before we get in her car. “I almost forgot, are you guys coming to the bonfire tonight?” Sam comes jogging up to us.

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Sierra... they're ALL sucking up because of Who She Is...and Because Skylar has been Chosen By her...Arseholes...She could beat ALL of them...
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Hahaaaaa...poooot! Byeeeee???HAG!

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