Chapter 0008

Sam’s POV

 “She is here with her uncle and aunt while her parents are working for the Alpha King.” That got my attention. She who? Dad didn’t say anything about any girl visiting the pack.

Just as that thought flitted across my mind the most drop dead gorgeous girl struts onto the training grounds just ahead of my father.  She knew how to make an entrance.  She casually glanced around the crowd and then made her way to the opposite end as the guys and I.  She was clearly talking to someone I couldn’t see then turned around giving her full attention to my dad and the other warriors training us today.

Dad had gone over this new move with us a few days ago so I wasn’t really paying attention to the explanation, I was more interested in the new girl.

“Did you know a new girl was coming into the pack?” I asked Dakota who was closest to me.

“Dad and mom said something about her doing her sophomore year here with us.  Her parents work for the Alpha King and are on some kind of mission, so she’s here with family.” He just shrugs.

“I call dibs, the girls around here are needy and boring, I’m over them.

“You call dibs, huh? What if she doesn’t want your ugly ass? Then what?” Oliver shoves my shoulder.

“No way, I’m the best looking out of all of us.  If anyone is going to get her attention, it’s me.” I reply, not taking my eyes off her.

“Wanna bet?” Mateo asks.

“Depends. What are the stakes?”

“Get her to come to the bonfire tonight, but it can’t be a date…” Mateo starts.

“She has to show up on her own…” Dakota adds.

“And you have to be the first guy she talks to…” Oliver supplies.

“And you can’t approach her until she does.” Cameron finished.

That means I am going to have to keep the leeches busy, she’ll never come talk to me with our usual stalkers hanging around. Damn, they were not going to make this easy.

“Time’s a wastin’.” Dakota points to his wrist where a watch would be.

“Fine, I’m in.  But if I win, none of you can poach her.”

“Deal.” They all said in unison.

Now I just have to get her attention. Well, she seems to be pretty fit, so maybe I can work my way over and get my dad to pair her with me. As I turn to move in that direction I see dad’s second pair her with Mateo’s sister. Man that girl is tiny, if they didn’t look alike you wouldn’t know they were related.

Mateo is outgoing and takes his job as the next beta very seriously, almost too seriously.  Sky is super shy and keeps to herself. I bet being the second born, her beta blood just isn’t as strong as Mateo’s.

I beat everyone of these clowns with this move yesterday, today is just going to be a repeat of their embarrassment. We each take it in turns to spar, really just going through the motions.  We only show up to these training sessions to set a good example, as the Alpha tells us.  ‘If we don’t show, why should anyone else?’ Even though we do so much extra training outside of these, but no one knows about it really.  So I guess I get the whole ‘set an example’ thing. We really just use this time to watch the trainers train and see how they lead a large group.

My dad’s loud voice breaks through my thoughts. “I think a demonstration is in order. Sierra, Skylar, why don’t you two show us how the new defensive move is supposed to look.” 

What the hell? The guys and I move into the circle forming around Skylar and Sierra.  Now I know her name at least. What gets me is the very noticeable size difference between her and Skylar. This can not be a fair fight, why would my dad use them as demonstrators?  The guys and I have been working on this for a couple days now, why use two girls who probably just figured out the basic movements.

Skylar seems to be having a staring contest with my dad, she must be thinking the same thing, that she’s going to be embarrassed in front of all these people and she’s shy as it is.

I can hear some of the kids in the crowd jeering stupid comments. I feel Mateo stiffen next to me. He’s sensitive and protective about his sister. Their mom died giving birth to her and their dad hasn’t gotten over losing his mate. Mateo spends a lot of time keeping his dad busy so he will leave Skylar alone. I think that is part of the reason she is introverted, but she just looks soft and fragile. Her baggy clothing makes her appear smaller than she is.  I didn't even realize she was at training.

“Ready.” My dad’s deep authoritative voice booms over the crowd now circling around us. The girls take their positions and more chuckles and jeers can be heard. “Sierra, you are on the attack, Skylar, use the new defensive move and let's see if you can pin her in less than thirty seconds this time.” Huh? This time, what does he mean this time?

The kids around me clearly are on the same page as me. I look at Mateo and the guys, their confusion is just as apparent as mine is. I hear mumbles of ‘what?’ ‘30 seconds no way’ and giggles. 

“No one could complete that move in under thirty seconds, let alone her.”  A snarky high pitched male voice says loud enough for everyone to hear and causes a low chorus of agreement. What this idiot doesn’t know is I did that yesterday. Moron.  I need to figure out who it is and pair with him.

I can see both of the girls are laser focused on each other, a determined look in their eyes.  They both look like warriors on a mission.

“Just watch.”  Is my dad’s only, very dry, response. “Set…GO!”

Skylar moves immediately on the word ‘go’. Where the f*ck did that speed come from?! Sierra responds quickly though and tries to feign to the left then duck down to catch Skylar with her shoulder.  Skylar sends a knee up toward her chest and face, knocking the wind out of her then makes an elbow strike to her back. Sierra wrapped her arms around Skylar’s waist trying to force her down.  Instead of fighting the momentum, Skylar does with the momentum and twists so she falls on top of Sierra and shifts to pin her throat to the ground with one of her knees and has her arm in a lock Sierra can’t get out of.  In the blink of an eye it’s over and the crowd is silent.

Skylar is still in fight mode, focused on Sierra’s face.  My dad walks up to her and has to pat her on the shoulder a couple of times to get her attention. Once Skylar lets go of Sierra and helps her up, my dad looks over to where the guys and I are standing, staring, probably with our jaws on the ground.

He looks at his stopwatch, then back up to us, smiling. Why is he smiling like that?

“Less than ten seconds, damn,  Sorry Sam, she beat your best take down time... by a lot!” He says loud and clear while he shrugs his shoulders at me, laughing a bit now, not being able to hold it back.

“The f*ck! What just happened?” Oliver says behind me.

“It was a blur.  I think I blinked and missed half the fight.” Cameron says seriously.

“Sam’s not the king of the hill anymore. That little bitty beta just took his crown.” Dakota laughs at me.  I’m still in shock, but I can’t help joining him.  I think I know my way in with Sierra.

My dad walks over and pats me on the shoulder.  “Maybe you boys will take this training a bit more seriously, now.  Those two are your biggest competition and you didn’t even know it. I may let Sky put all of you in your place.” He chuckles, walking off. “She’s the best trainee I’ve got, including you guys.” He throws over his shoulder. “And Sierra’s going to be a close second.

“That was the hottest thing I think I have seen since Summer training.”

“I think the girl from summer training was gay, and thought you were a pansy.” Dakota laughs at me.

“It doesn’t make two girls grappling any less hot.”

“No, no, no! You are not going to put my little sister on your “I’d bang that’ list.” Mateo growls at us.

“You’re sister is growing up my friend. I don’t think those baggy sweats are doing her any favors. And watching her rolling around with Sierra, Ah! I am going to have sweet, sweet dreams tonight.”

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Karen Wooten
good story line so far. looking forward to reading more.
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Laura Smulders
Love the story so far
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nice read and a different angle on the workings of the pack, just as we are all different from one another depending on what nationality we are.

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