Chapter 0600

***”What do you mean ‘identical?’”*** Oliver asks, his wolf’s head swiveling side to side.

***”She means you look exactly the same. All three of you.”*** Sierra trots over to us.

***”It was weird having you three look the same in your human form, but you were all pretty close to begin with so it
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Also I hadn't thought about the possibility of other attacks from anyone other than the RK and his rogues, but with the RK having so much reach, it's totally possible other alphas sided with him. we know at least 2 did, but they're dead now. There are probably more.
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Everyone knows the RK is headed for Sky's pack. They're just a lot closer now. Olympia's pack is a neighboring pack, if I remember correctly, so it's like a heads up that they're almost there.
goodnovel comment avatar
I know a lot of people are doubting Olympia, but I'd like to believe that just this once it's not a setup. Olympia does seem pretty defeated with what's going on and Sky might be the last person she's reaching out to. A lot of unknowns. Maybe I'm too optimistic in this one scenario lol

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