Chapter 0606

I grab his shoulder and pull him down to me. With the latest growth spurt, I am back to being just taller than their elbows again. He looks at me a little surprised as I kiss him full on the lips in front of everyone. I guess I’m getting past being shy about public displays of affection. He stops
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Love the story line. Too much description given in certain areas. I have spent too much money on this book (on Chapter 607) and I don’t see an ending any time soon. I’ll be on the lookout for you on Kindle…
goodnovel comment avatar
I'm a little confused, cause earlier after their shift that hurt, the guys didn't grow height wise, but muscle wise, according to Sky.
goodnovel comment avatar
Tracey Briant
skylar needs a growth spurt of her own so she can kiss her mates easier and not look like a child next to them

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