Chapter 45 - I chose that date to punish you.

"Is it the doctors? It’s not yet time for my routine check," Rosie said, equally at a loss. As the plane lowered, Cooper detected the person in it.

"No. It’s Gerald. That’s his family jet."

The two of them walked towards the jet to meet the person in it. It was just as Cooper said. Gerald was the first to alight, his arm intertwined with that of Ivory.

Cooper frowned a little at the intrusion and said, "I didn’t know you were coming."

Rosie and Ivory had already hugged each other. "Rosie, you look stunning. What is on this Island that makes you look so good? I want to join you," Ivory said half-jokingly. Rosie blushed and looked at Cooper.

She knew that not only her health but appearance had also greatly improved.

"We decided to surprise you but we have something very important to discuss," Gerald was saying to Cooper when another couple alighted from the jet.

Cooper wanted more time with his woman and was not pleased with the intrusion, especially when they had not informed him.

"I s
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