The Beauty of Love

The Beauty of Love

By:  Reby Grayson  Ongoing
Language: English
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Omotayo never expected her world to come crashing down unexpectedly by the sight of her best friend and her boyfriend in bed.Heartbroken and disheartened, she swore to never open her heart to anyone, living vicariously. She rejects every man that woos her and is tagged as 'a scornful woman' whose heart was as dark as the words that came out of her mouth. That was until she met him, the one who was ready and willing to pull down her walls, bring her out of her misery, help her grow and show her the beauty of love.

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33 Chapters
Omotayo I watched in disgust as my ex boyfriend and my ex best friend exchanged vows of love to each other. It ate up my insides seeing them smile at each other like they forgot what they did to me. Do any of you know how embarrassing it is for someone to find out her best friend and her boyfriend are having an affair? That wasn't even all they did, they also had the effrontery to defend themselves and even turned the blame on me, saying I didn't pay enough attention to him and according to my supposed best friend, she claimed she couldn't resist the temptation after he seduced her. I mentally laughed at how sorry they'd be after the wedding is over, I'll make sure to see her cry before I walk out of here today. It was after a lot of interference from our friends and nosy extended family that kept begging me to forgive them and take it as God's plan for me, that was when I decided to let things go but even after that, she still had the effrontery to constantly rub him in my fac
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Chapter 1: Making a choice.
Omotayo I sat impatiently beside my mother and opposite my elder brother who seemed to find my impatience and anxiousness amusing. He hasn't stopped blabbing about how dad summoned this meeting for my sake and that worried me because dad doesn't just call for family meetings like this without giving us a heads up or at the very least, a reason for the gathering. "Dad knows I left work for this meeting, right?" Temitope, my elder brother grumbled and almost immediately, dad showed up behind him and smacked him from behind. "Why is patience so far from you?" he asked irritably and I chuckled when I saw Temi's expression to the question. He looked so gobsmacked and confused and it actually felt good to be the one laughing and not vice versa. "Omotayo, how are you?" Dad asked suddenly and the glint in Temi's eyes as soon as dad asked that question confirmed my suspicion. This meeting was definitely called for my sake and I can already guess what they want to talk about. No wonde
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Chapter 2: First date
Omotayo My back ached terribly from sitting in one position for too long. Ini had spent over three hours trying to supposedly 'bring out my beauty' as she called it but I only saw it as a waste of time since I know I'll still look great even without the excessive use of makeup. "I swear Tayo, anyone that sees you now will think you're on your way to a funeral," she tells me and I furrow my brows confused. "What am I doing wrong now?" I asked her and she responded by making me look at the mirror in front of me. "You looked depressed. Not even a glint of happiness or excitement in your eyes. Do you think your date won't notice your lack of interest? He will and the date will end even before it starts and that means my efforts and your parent's efforts to help you get back up will be wasted," She sounded upset and I almost felt bad till I remembered she's the reason I'm in this mess in the first place. It's not like I willingly volunteered to go on a date and they can't expec
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Chapter 3: Liar Liar!
Omotayo "So the hotel is being sued by a guest who claimed to have suffered food poisoning?" I asked my secretary after going through the case file she tagged as urgent. "Yes, that's correct ma. Mr Davids had specifically asked that you take care of this case because he believes that when we win this case, we'd be adding one of the biggest hotels in Nigeria to our list of clients which is financially convenient for us," she replied and I go through the file again still wondering why dad had specifically asked me to take the case. The case didn't seem like something too complicated or deep which were the only type of cases I handled but seeing as he didn't pick any other lawyer to handle it, means he had his reasons for entrusting me with the case and I had no choice but to comply. "Okay, find out more about the guest in question. Check her background, occupation and even her criminal records also check if she has any outstanding debts cause we could be dealing with a desper
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Chapter 4: All men are scum!
 Omotayo    "Tayo wait!" Tobi's familiar voice calls out and I pick up my pace as quickly as I could to avoid talking to him. I know you're wondering why I'm upset since he and I were never an item and we just met two days ago but the fact that he had lied to me the first day we met and couldn't even tell me he was getting married was beyond upsetting and embarrassing.    "I said wait!" His hands pull me back and I unconsciously raise my free hand and slap him tightly across his face. "Don't you ever in your miserable life touch me again!" I warn him sternly and at first he looked shocked but he composed himself and stepped back a little.    Why the hell did I hit him? I ask myself feeling guilty for overreacting.  "I k
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Chapter 5: New Client.
Omotayo "Maria please bring me Mr Morrison's case file again, It seems I missed something important," I ordered my secretary immediately. She hands me my aspirin and she scurries away immediately. Every person in the office has been avoiding eye contact with me since the drama I created earlier this morning at the parking lot. It was partly suffocating but also another way I reassured my position as the no nonsense boss. Three hours earlier... I hurried out of my car like a crazy woman trying to meet up with a scheduled meeting that started thirty minutes ago. I hated it whenever I wasn't punctual, it made me feel irresponsible and sick to my stomach. I blamed Ini and Lagos traffic for my misfortune. Ini had begged me to drive her to work because her car was faulty and Lagos traffic had the brilliant idea to be congested on an important day like this. I picked my pace and kept walking as fast as I could, turning a blind eye to the security men who greeted me and a few emplo
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Chapter 6: We meet again.
Adebayo "Bunmi, please send the land acquisition documents to the law firm. Tell them to confirm if the documents can still be used as evidence in court," I instructed my assistant, who also happens to be my younger brother. "Bayo, I still think we should change firms now that you and that lawyer lady don't get along. I know Mr Tunji is a reputable lawyer but the reason we approached the firm in the first place was to get that lady on our case but you just had to ruin it because you could not ignore a situation as simple as bumping into someone," Arinola, my best friend hissed, repeating the same line he has been chorusing for the last two days. "Can't you just come off that topic? I'm not changing firms. You and I know that the firm's reputation in Lagos is almost unbeatable, so why should I change it because of one woman?" I retorted irritatedly. "It seems you don't get my point. I'm not saying it's a must that you switch firms but if you're going to put an important case
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Chapter 7: Second date.
Omotayo "Oya buy this one na, it's pretty," Angela, a mutual friend of Ini and I, suggested in a hurry but I'm quick to refuse since I wasn't feeling the colour of the dress. I didn't blame her for hurrying though, we've been here for almost two hours and yet I've not found a dress that I genuinely like. "Yellow is too much for me. I don't like the colour one bit," I told her and Ini quickly threw me two more dresses to try on, the stress lines on her face showing she's about to give up on me. "I hate shopping with you Tayo, you honestly complain too much. We've been here since and not one dress suits your taste but if it's to pick baggy pants now with your oversized blazers, we would have been out of here a long time. Your kind person sef ehn," she hissed and rolled her eyes irritatedly but I could care less about her opinion. If I'm not comfortable with something, I won't buy it. Simple! I decided to try on one of the dresses she threw at me and I had to admit the dress looke
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Chapter Eight : Grateful Again.
Omotayo The name Kingsley never failed to leave a bitter taste in my mouth. The name had a very horrid memory attached to it and anybody with that name would either have to change it around me or forget I exist. "What is it? You don't like my name?" he asked in a slightly offended tone. "You shouldn't have persisted if you were only going to frown after hearing my name," he added, still wearing a frown. "I'm so sorry, I just got lost in my thoughts for a while but I can assure you my frown had nothing to do with you or your name," I assured him quickly but deep down, I know I'm lying. His name didn't sit well with me at all. His frown seemed to wear off and I mentally sigh in relief but everything in me still felt nothing but negative vibes from him and that bad luck of a name he had just gave me more reason to panic. "Why aren't you eating? The food is delicious," he said, pointing towards my barely touched plate of food. "I'm not very hungry," I replied calmly, "P
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Chapter 9: Strange attraction.
Omotayo "Do you have his number?" Ini asked. "No. I don't," "Does he have yours?" she asked again. "No, he doesn't," I replied boredly. "Did you ask where he stays?" she questioned and this time, I had to roll my eyes. "No, and why should I?" I retorted and she hissed at me, wearing a frown on her face. "Lord knows, you're a fool. A very big fool and the painful thing is somebody will see you now and say you have sense meanwhile, that space upstairs is halfway empty," she hissed harshly, scowling at me again, like she has been doing since she got here this morning. "Ini, for once in your life, please be reasonable, use that number six of yours. How can I ask for his number, much less his home address? Does that make any sense? Does he know me from anywhere? So, you sef use your head reason am na," I fired back at her. (So, you should also be reasonable.) "If you don't have anything worthwhile to say to me this morning, then you better leave me alone and let me enjoy
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