4 Chapters
Meet Royalties
The wind was somewhat chilly. It was cool and embracing and for a while, it felt like it could sense the beautiful moment. The Alpha was going to celebrate his one year of being on the throne. It was a beautiful moment and every loose end was being tightened to make the occasion a blissful one. The cool weather blew into the house of the Alpha king; Alpha Raphael, the Alpha of the Blue moon park. Luna; Luna Kendra was seated, celebrating for the moment to come after all, her husband was the one being celebrated.“Aah! I do not want that dress, are you crazy?” Renata, the first child of the Alpha  yelled angrily at the maids who were at her disposal.They were all tryin
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Forced Against Her Will?
Eva rolled her eyes as she walked over to the dining room, of course with lots of fake smiles as several maids greeted her occasionally. What was she expecting? Of course, she was the daughter of the Alpha, everyone would want to be on her good page. “Morning father” Eva greeted as she walked over to grab a seat. “What is so good about the morning?”  He raised his brows. “Eva, what on earth is your problem? If your mother had not come to call you, do you mean to tell me you would still be in bed at this time?” He questioned as he dropped his spoon. Her mother did likewise and folded her hands. “I am sorry father” She bowed as she grabbed a seat. Her sisters were a
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Her Doom
Ryan stood for a while, at a distance as he awaited his mother who was having a discussion with some of the maids. His mother passed a glance at him before dismissing the maids. “What was that?” He questioned as he walked towards her. “Well, preparations for Alpha Raphael’s ceremony. We have to prepare and behave well just if we find a mate for you there” His mother winked. “His eldest daughter, Renata” She smiled, revealing her white pair of teeth.  “Ugh come on mother, I already told you Renata and I can never be an item. She can never be my mate. A rude lady? Have you considered how rude she will be to our people? A rude brat cannot be the Luna. A rude brat can
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Eva In Trouble
“Yes! I won!” Adrianna jumped excitedly as she had defeated her sister. Out of anger and desperation, Renata threw her sword aside angrily. A smile escaped Raphael’s lips as he watched in excitement. The Luna on the other hand was irritated and was upset at the fact that her last daughter defeated her first daughter and her husband was happy about it.“She actually did well, something must be wrong somewhere” The Luna defended her daughter.“Oh come on. You are the one spoiling this girl. If she could just be humble and ask her sister to train her more perhaps she would be better but pride would not let her and you are not helping her in any way with this attitude of yours. Do you expect me to hand over the legacy my ancient past leaders have built to Renata with this attitude of hers?”“What do you mean? You know there is no one else who can succeed you better than Renata. What is the matter with you?”
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