4 Chapters
Chapter 1
KIMORA Kimora; they called it,the mere mention of it struck fear in whoever knew what it stood for. Believed to have been created by the elders who practiced and mastered the dark arts, voodoo some called it. The thing about dark arts is the need to have a strong intellect to be able to control it lest it consumes you whole. Many have tried and perished hence it was banned. Legends has it that five elders practiced the dark arts in secret driven by the desire they could be able to control it. They did accomplish this task but at the cost of the other commitments they had, for it required maximum devotion. Nobody dared go against them,the aura of power could not be denied, their wolf bigger, scarier and stronger than any other. When faced in battle; they not only undoubtedly succeeded, they killed and destroyed everything they came in opposition contact with. Unfortunately having so much power got to the ego of one of the elders. Lucas, one of the five elders suggested that they sho
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Chapter 2
The grand hall is the highest point in the whole of Boki's temple and believed to be built in the middle. It stood tall on layers of bricks and stones over twenty metres off the ground. It was mostly used for training sessions. I was sure no one would be in it taking the steps two are a time I hurry to the spacious hall the doors were open wide, empty like I expected.Looking through the wooden windows I spot pa's silver robe, he was heading towards the forest he suddenly stops scanning his environment certained no one followed him he vanishedI knew Pa like the back of my hand, he must have suspected I would follow him and I had no desire to prove him wrong. I knew the out house he was heading to there were a few out houses on the island.Boki's temple as they called it was built on a small island, it's a place where "gifted" wolves came to explore the extent of their powers. The students here were able to control an element of positive energy, it was also my home; I've been here mos
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Chapter 3
This time I did listen without a second thought i head straight to my house, my legs finally gave underneath as I fell on the couch a sign of relief escapes my lips as the event plays out on my mind, I must have heard wrong I try forcing myself to believe but the gut feeling nagging me couldn't be denied Kimora has returned I shiver as the spacious room suddenly felt claustrophobic if the legend was true then this is bad really bad."I need to get inside that room" I mutter determined, looking at the wall clock a quarter past three, the day was still young and since pa was busy there was no need to waste the opportunity.Rising sluggishly from the couch I walked weirdly in the direction to my bedroom;every step took a lot of effort, because the soles of my feet were still hurting badly!"Rebus et wille est tu" I cast a spell, hand on my bedroom wall, the stone gave way and popped open a hidden compartment. I was sure no one was listening. My home was the closest to the ocean, the fart
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Chapter 4
"Uhhhh" I gasped awake,I was sweating profusely and breathing heavily. It was just a dream I say trying to calm my nerves, I was running mad one sight at that I haven't been able to be at ease, I could still see those dead eyes how he moved his neck,the unnatural sound it made like his bone snapped in half he looked dead and considerably should be buried yet he was moribund.I regret greatly returning back to that room, I walk out of my sheets then head to my bathroom. The water sprouted out from the tap then I poured water on my face aiming for it to calm my nerves. It would dawn soon I had barely gotten any sleep. I'll definitely look a mess tomorrow looking up to the mirror to check. "Fuck!" I scream and stumble backwards falling to the hard floor, panic courses through me, holding my head in my shaking hands; my face was replaced with Cyrus' lifeless one. I definitely won't be able to sleep after this, I was going to need a spell. The morning comes I am a mess the spell was on
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