6 Chapters
Surrounded by Pity
Sadie POV I woke up with a sigh and shifted my weight in an attempt to sit up. It didn’t matter how much I tried to pretend; I was no longer normal. My accident had happened over four years ago, yet sometimes when I woke up in the morning my mind retracted back to “before”. Before had become the unspoken of time that precedented my accident that caused me to lose my right leg below my knee. It was what we called it as no one liked to talk about it. It was too sad, too horrible. Shaking my head and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I reached over to my bedside table and grabbed my prosthetic. As much as I wish I could, I was not able to walk without it. Even with all the magic and witchery in our world, there was no spell for replacing body parts. It was like bringing someone back from the dead-completely forbidden and as such, no spell existed to do such things. As I attached it and gently stood, regaining my balance and making sure the prosthetic was secure before s
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The Werewolf Royal Family
Sadie POV While werewolf society is composed of individual packs led by Alphas and Lunas, we do have patriarchy that rules over each of the packs. There is the King, Queen, and their children. The Prince and Princess are twins, Rosie and Rylen. Right now, they are in search of their mates because the King and Queen are ready to retire. Because there are two heirs to the throne, each twin is going to take half of the country to rule over to reduce the workload and so the King and Queen do not have to choose which child will rule while the other gets nothing. However, the mates of the Prince and Princess will need to first become a Prince/Princess and be trained in the royal ways before they can take over the throne, which is why they are traveling about desperately looking. The Royal family is very kind and wants the best for all werewolves, so they are loved by everyone. It is an honor to host them, but we do need to show them a good time out of respect for them. M
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The First Shift
Rylen POV SilverRock pack was one of my favorite packs to visit. They always took good care of us and treated us like normal werewolves instead of kissing the ground we walk on (or more accurately, our asses) just because we were royalty like most packs do. They were respectful and kind, and Rosie and I both appreciated their efforts in treating all pack members the same and with dignity, even the Omegas. SilverRock’s system is something that we would definitely like to see implemented in more packs around the country. Honestly, Rosie and I both wanted our mates to come from this pack, which is why we included them in our tour at the last minute and incorporated it as our first stop. “What are you thinking about, Ry? You look like you are having a very deep discussion with your brain over there, and I’d love to pick it.” My twin sister, Rosie (short for Rosalie-our parents wanted her to have an elegant name but she prefers the nickname of Rosie because she thinks it fits
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My Mate is Here?
Rylen POV "That was fun, but I'd be lying if I said I was not looking forward to having the rest of our meals cooked for us. This pack has the best cooks! I swear they're even better than the professional cooks we have at the palace." Rosie was babbling as we headed back up to our room. We had just eaten at a lovely little Italian restaurant in town that had great wine and good food, but it could not touch the quality of the food we were provided whenever we visited SilverRock. It was getting late, so we decided to return back to the packhouse and turn in for the night. To be completely honest, we were both already anticipating the delicious breakfast that would be awaiting us in the morning. "It's probably the mom and pop shop vibes that we get here. Their cooks use homemade recipes that have been passed down for generations, whereas our cooks have lost touch with the passion for cooking and they just make food." I commented. "You're probably right. I wonder
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Meeting Her
Rylen POV I woke up feeling like I had slept for whole days instead of about 8 hours. As I hopped in the shower and tried to pick out a nice outfit from what I had packed, I mindlinked Rosie to see if she was awake and ready to go down to breakfast yet. She nagged me, saying that it was way too early for this shit and that she was going to be a few minutes, but if I wanted to go on down to wait for my mate, she would understand. Although I did not want to admit it, I was a little nervous to go down by myself. However, the longer I waited to go down, the more restless my wolf became, so I forced myself to man up and headed down the stairs instead of taking the elevator because I was struggling to even stand still. As I walked into the dining hall, I was immediately hit with her intoxicating scent. I took a deep breath to really take it in, and was instantly calmed and whisked away to my happy place. I looked around to see if anyone else in the room was sniffing the
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Meeting Him
Sadie POV Even though the night before was an emotional roller coaster between the joy of my first shift and then finding out that even in wolf form, I still had to wear a prosthetic, I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. I had pleasant dreams of a raven-haired man with aquamarine blue eyes and him saying that he could not wait to meet me soon. Even though I was at peace because of my dreams, my wolf was restless and was pacing in my head. For some reason, she wanted me to hurry down to breakfast; maybe she was super hungry after shifting for the first time last night. I obliged and decided to head downstairs, figuring I could help mom and the other Omegas with breakfast anyway. Normally, my mom does not cook meals or do much cleaning, but when we have guests of honor she is usually one of the ones recruited to help out because of her hospitality. No one was downstairs yet, so I just hung out in the kitchen with Calliope, one of the omegas who alwa
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