The Fake Girlfriend of Jerk Librarian

The Fake Girlfriend of Jerk Librarian

By:  Nayko Ayasame  Ongoing
Language: English
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He is a man who does not speak much, always puts on a straight face to hide his emotions, and is a little arrogant; he keeps secrets that many people are unaware of. She is a gorgeous and elegant lady who enjoys being direct in all situations, but she is also considerate and willing to intervene. .... Which he takes for granted!!

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37 chapters
A Cold Jerk
It's been one hour since she started swirling around the high bookshelves, but she was unable to find the book she desired. When her legs felt numb and she was exhausted, she leaned on the side of the bookshelf. A frown appeared on her face, she didn't feel shy to pout, even if people might have been watching. She was too focused and annoyed, because she's never lucky when it's about finding the books she needs. So Eun wanted to ask for help, but everyone seems so busy to find their own, thus she decided to not disturb them. "I'm so tired", So Eun muttered to herself, frustrated and hopeless. She stared again at her sticky note, to verify the title and the author of the book. She decided to try one more time, with the same result. Annoyed, So Eun was about to give up when she saw a tall and handsome man walking towards her, pushing the book cart. With just one glance, she knew he is one of the librarians. He started to check book IDs one by one and put them back to their
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Behind The Scene
Three days after she finished the assignment she borrowed the book for, So Eun came back to return it. She went straight to the admin, the person she should hand the book to. The woman is surprised to discover it's the same person she hoped she won't meet again, the jerk. When she saw him lying in his admin chair, she pouted. Hyuk Soo was immersed in reading a book. The glasses he was wearing made him appear more handsome than before. So Eun slowly approached him and put the book on the table, trying to not look at him or act annoyed in front of him. Soon, Hyuk Soo realized that someone came to return a book. He tilted his head, and changed its direction towards the customer. When he saw So Eun in front of him, awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact, he smiled. "I came to return the book I borrowed." So Eun stated. Without saying a word, Hyuk Soo took it, checked the book's ID and So Eun's ID on computer. He quickly resumed his reading after finishing his duty, but So
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It was a rainy day. After finishing her classes, So Eun decided to savor a warm coffee from the automated coffee machine to keep her warm. She put some coins and patiently waited for the coffee to be poured. Because it was very hot, So Eun didn’t sip immediately. With the coffee in hand, she approached the glass doors and was mesmerized by the rain. The rain seemed to be one of the things which could soothe her heart, and she loved it. She loved to lose herself in trying to count the raindrops fallen on the window glass, and breathing the ionized air. After rain, everything seems purer, a new, with a fresh smell. Suddenly, the memories of having been asked by Hyuk Soo what is her name clouded her vision, just like the vapors from the coffee she held in her hand steamed the glass doors. “Aish, couldn’t he ask what my name is in a nicer way?” So Eun said to herself, pouting. At the thought of paying him a visit, she grinned widely, but then wondered which kind of excuse
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The rehearsal class had just ended at 6 p.m., so Eun was packing her belongings and preparing to leave when her friend approached her and invited her to dinner before she left. So Eun remained silent for a while, contemplating her offering; today she works full-time at Campuss and has no time to do anything else or visit the library. She recalls Hyuk Soo asking her to visit him every day; she isn't willing to go that far, but every time she thinks about it, she can't just refuse. "I apologize... "I'd like to go to the library before going home," Eun said sweetly to her friend. Her friend is perplexed and frowning her brow as she wonders about So Eun. Their tasks were completed, and they didn't need to find any literature for the foreseeable future, but why did So Eun continue to visit the library? She then made a joke to So Eun about how diligent she is. So Eun just laughed awkwardly at her remark. She feels silly for no reason; she is not visiting the library becaus
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Kim Young Kwang is a nice person, and Han So Eun naturally grew closer to him after their first meeting. They exchange messages, naturally follow each other on social media, and occasionally comment on each other's posts. So Eun learned from their conversation that Young Kwang and So Eun have similar book tastes. Young Kwang enjoys romance novels as well. He tells So Eun about the most unforgettable story he's ever read, which piques her interest. So he suggests she borrow his novel. They decide to meet at Hyuk Soo's library after So Eun's last class. It was almost dinnertime when she finished her class, and it was pouring outside. So Eun, thankfully, does not forget her umbrella. As a result, she can walk without fear of getting wet. Young Kwang, on the other hand, has just arrived at the library. He drives there and parks his car near the library. Because of the heavy rain, the library is not as crowded as usual. He notices Hyuk Soo, who is preoccupied with his work because his shi
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He glanced at his phone, it's almost a time to have a lunch break. It's been 1 day 11 hour and 25 minutes, he counts. She doesn't reply his message. She clearly read it though but why she doesn't reply? It's become a mystery for him. Hyuk Soo open their chat room and type a new message for her. He want to asks her where does she plan to have lunch but he doesn't sent it, in fact he clear the message.He was waiting for her message from yesterday But nothing come from her. Maybe she is busy. She doesn't even come to visit the library too. Is she angry to me? Did I do something that irritated her? He tries to remember their last meeting but he find nothing. He gradually become bored, the library isn't crowded in the lunch break time so he has nothing to do at all while waiting for his time to have lunch.He open his SNS which he never did for a long time just to kill the boredom. He doesn't follow a lot of people so his wall is full of Lee Young Kwang curent and old post. After some min
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It's finally weekend. On the weekend So Eun usually get up at noon because she cherish her precious sleeping time so much. But not for today, at the dawn her eyes was widely open, she can't back to sleep anymore. To be honest she didn't get a good sleep at all last night and the culprit of her restless night is no one else but Hyuk Soo. She isn't quite sure if he is really going to fetch her today but yet she is belwidered to thinks what outfit she has to wear to meet him. She decide to get up early, pull out all of her clothes on the bed even when everyone around her is still sleeping. She cant decide about the outfit because she doesn't know where are they going to go, so she thinks to ask him. wasn't ask him about their destination in this early morning would only make him assumed that she is really excited about their date? Are they even going to date? Nope. She throw away her phone on the pillow.In the end she choose a casual yet chic outfit as her concept. She takes her phone a
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Becoming a Friend
The primere has finally arrived. It takes place on Saturday night. So Eun dresses in a semi-formal red gown that makes her stand out. She did her hair in a simple chignon with a curly accent. She has to look her best because this is her first time on a primere. She prefers to wear a fabulous red dress because it makes her feel brave and bold. She wants to meet people in Hyuk Soo's world with confidence, without embarrassing the man. She wants to show him that she, too, can enchant people with her charm. So Eun doesn't want to diminish Hyuk Soo's charisma by appearing as an unbeatable partner for him at this important event. Hyuk Soo arrived earlier to fetch So Eun, he dressed in black and wearing a long coat. He is always fashionable, but he is making an effort to look better for this day. At first glance, no one would be able to tell him apart from a top model. With his black coat, Hyuk Soo appears very charismatic and manly. The all-black theme he chose for his outfit g
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Ex Girlfriend
At A Private Restaurant There is a group of fashionable rich ladies gathering together. They happily chatted and enjoyed the dishes. At this time, Kim Min Hee arrives and greets them. They are her college friends. One of her friends, who works as a lecturer, informed her that their college is going to put on a big drama show. She invited them to come. "Where are you teaching?" the other friend confirms it. "Seoul University," she answered. This fact attracted Min Hee's attention, who was disinterested in all conversation before. She recalled that her brother told her about a place where Soo Hyuk works. It is a library near Seoul University. "When and where will it be held?" Min Hee speaks. Her friend informed her that the drama show is going to be held on December 25th. There are a lot of producers invited to discover new talents. "May I participate?"Min Hee continues. She is more than just welcomed. Her friend even asked her to become the evaluator of the show
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The Two of Them
So Eun becomes concerned as Hyuk Soo gradually loses consciousness. Her petite body struggles to support the weight of his super tall body. Fortunately, a taxi was nearby at the time, so she quickly called it and helped the driver take Hyuk Soo inside. "Where should we go, miss?" the driver asks So Eun, who is now sitting in the backseat alongside the collapsed Hyuk Soo. She is unsure how to respond to the driver because she does not know where the tall man lives. "Em... Oppa, where do you live?" So Eun tries to wake Hyuk Soo up, and the man responds faintly. The taxi driver immediately recognizes where he lives and begins driving the two of them to Hyuk Soo's apartment. So Eun continues to monitor his temperature while Hyuk Soo sleeps and leans against the corner. He has a high fever and appears to be trembling in the cold. She is trying to fix his clothes to keep him warm, not realizing Hyuk Soo's head has fallen on her shoulder. The girl freezes in place, realizing t
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